I’m not an inflencer. Never will be…

I’m not an influencer…I never will be…I’m not that person…if you are, that’s FABULOUS! And I’m so happy for you and hope that you use your influence for good and enjoy all of the perks! So what am I then? Crazy? Maybe…you decide…

Not being able to work bites.

The American dream is built around hard work and commitment. Work is what we do. It’s how we thrive. It’s how we build our dreams and share our passions.

Is Grocery Delivery considered 'essential'?

I could talk for days about the Shipt Life right now, but trying to break things down as they become more ‘pressing’ issues and concerns…if you are a Shipt or other Gig worker, this information will be useful to you. If you are a customer of any delivery service, this information will be useful to you, as well, as you determine what is best for your household.

Shipt Tip Tuesday…Target Prepaid Orders

Last month, I shared a video of a work around for Special Requests for Target Prepaid Orders…and I got some GREAT feedback and extra advice from that video. So, yesterday (YEP! I don’t know what day it! I posted Tip Tuesday on Monday 🤣), I shared this little tidbit with some extra information…Enjoy!