A Lifetime of Thanksgiving

Why I do it…why it’s hard…and why it’s even harder not to do it…and, of course…would this even be a blog at all if I didn’t challenge you?

The long story short is that I was inspired to post, daily, by a former Sunday School teacher who does the same. She’s on day 2236. I’m on 112. It’s not about comparison…and the best part is, she and I have a very different take on the project…and that’s ok to…it’s NEVER about comparison.

Why I do it…I struggle, like many people, with alot of things mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, you know… normal people things. Some worse than others. It’s SO EASY to get bogged down and sucked in by CRAP. By our crap. By other people’s crap. By just CRAP that doesn’t matter. Depression is one of the things that threatens me. Well, I threaten it back. I know, it’s a disease. I maybe can’t destory it…but I CAN and WILL survive it. So, I chose to take back my attitude. My focus. On May 21 of this year, I posted Day #1. That was 209 days ago. Today, I posted day #112. You do the math. Some days were combined…and I’d like to say that, on average, I post every other day…but that’s not true. I go days, sometimes weeks, without adding a Lifetime of Thanksgiving post. Sometimes, I even combine days…and that’s ok. It’s also not about perfection. It’s about focus and purpose. And focusing on the day to day beauty that God gives us, even in the midst of tragedy. To change the outlook. To Focus on the good that we are giving. To be THANKFUL and not disappointed. Not resentful. Not angry. Not sad. Not…whatever crappy emotions we can so easily get bogged down with.

Why is it even harder not to do it? Oh boy. That’s a tough one to put out in the world…well…

You see, it’s not about me…but to make it not about me, I have to take care of me. I have to guard my heart. Should you embark on a journey like this, you’ll see..you’ll watch your attitude and focus shift…and you’ll see so much joy and beauty in the world. Maybe, just maybe, your mission will become clear. That’s actually why I’m writing today…things eventually just become painfully clear…what your job is on this earth. All those things you wanted to do, those things you were called to do, thought you needed to do…they all lead up to that one thing…they all play along…and when you STOP. When you stop looking for the things to be thankful for, when you stop focusing on your blessings…oh my word…it’s easy to let yourself and your heart sink…Don’t let your heart sink. Stay the course, and stay focused. It will take time. It will take energy on days you don’t have it. But, I assure you, it’s so worth the journey. You’ve got this….because, ultimately...it’s never really about you.

Your Challenge: Try it. for 30 days, write down EVERY SINGLE DAY something you are thankful for. If you need to post it for accountability, do so. If not, just write it on a piece of paper, in your Bible, in your journal, on a chalkboard, on your hand…whatever works for you. Text it to a friend.

Hashtags I use on each post: #alifetimeofthanksgiving #aLoT

My IG: https://www.instagram.com/messybunandgettingdone/

You are welcome to use these tags, or create your own. I’d love to see these tags spread like wildfire, and to see lives and hearts changed. To see attitudes shift. To see our focus shift on the greater good and the plans the Lord has set out for us.

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