A Song. There are so many…Discover Prompt: Day 3

I’ve been pondering this one all morning, while I worked with my team on some really fun stuff…and I keep going back to two songs, so indulge me here…

‘Celebration’ by Kool & the Gang. The first time it REALLY started to stick in my head, I was 15 years old and working at a summer camp for children with special needs called Camp Celebration in Memphis, TN. Unfortunately, I can’t find any indication on the web that it’s still there. This song was played MULTIPLE times EVERY day of the week long camp…and everyone literally just stopped what they were doing and DANCED…it was a beautiful thing to be a part of. I kind of never wanted to hear that song again when the week ended, but now, 30 years later, every time I hear it…I think of that camp and those kids and just smile. It’s hard to find things to celebrate, and so I am grateful for those memories and having something to look back on. Here is the official video:

The second song for today, ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen…it has MULTIPLE meanings for me today…and I’m sure it has many different meanings for you…

Today, we have SO MANY champions heading to work, on the front lines of this Covid-19 Pandemic. Putting their health and lives on the line for us. To keep us safe. To keep us healthy. And we have so many champions heading to work to bring us packages, food, groceries, essential items and services that I could make a list a mile long. You, my dears, are my champions today.

On the back end of my personal team, the Lilla Rose squad I’ll call them today…some of brainstormed a way to make a mask more comfortable after one team member shared a picture of a nurse using a PAPER CLIP with her face mask to remove the pressure from her ear. And then we found the solution. We tried our Flexi Clips…they worked, but were not ideal…and so we tried the comfort elastic straps. I got on a live video and talked with everyone about how to do it (it was really quite simple), and Lilla Rose Stylists all over the country began purchasing and raiding their stashes and sending them out to medical staff and friends and family… and THEN just 48 hours later, our AMAZING headquarters gave us these BEAUTIFUL images to share, and we are getting so many wonderful images and thank yous from medical staff who are using these and making the NECESSITY of keeping that mask on ALL DAY more bearable and comfortable. It’s the little things, y’all.

I have so much inspiration from companies all over the country making changes and adjusting their production lines to make things POSSIBLE….to TAKE CARE of this country. It’s the American way, and it’s what we do. So, whatever your role, whatever you are doing…even if it JUST STAYING HOME… you, my darlings, are the champions. We will come out on the other side, and America will be STRONGER for it.

I’ve included a link to my YouTube video at the very bottom of this post, under my signature if you’d like to see what we did about the face mask comfort. In the meantime, this one is for you:

Much Love, and many blessings,

💜 Cindi

Comfort Strap for Face Masks

Comfort Mask Video on my Channel

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