Nashville area Shipt Customers & Shoppers

No video today – I’ll have another target video up soon. – just waiting for everyone to use update a little bit first. ;). Today is for Nashville Customers and Shoppers: stores in affected areas will be low in stock due to more people shopping for basics – power outages, lost homes, workers in the area, etc. please remember that our stores typically restock very quickly and try to get only what you need for now (assuming your home was not impacted – if it was, you can all have all the ice cream, k?). Don’t fret over not having your favorite brand of milk or bread. Shoppers, assure your customers that the stores will restock and do your best to find suitable alternatives.
No milk? What’s it for? Drinking? Shakes? Baking? Cereal? Maybe a dairy free or boxed milk? No eggs? Maybe an egg substitute. No load bread? Check the bakery. Maybe some frozen or canned biscuits? Maybe tortilla wraps or pita bread? We are so blessed to have so many options. 💚

*UPDATE – MT. JULIET HAS 6PM CURFEW* Tuesday 3/3/2020

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Much love, Cindi

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