Upcycled Bags – a little fun in between the work…

I have had a busy few weeks of orders, some fun, some not so much.  Had a moment to breathe, and thought I’d whip up some fun just to get my “me” back, if you know what I mean – so hang in for a minute, and I’ll show them to you.  Let me tell you about all of the things I have acoomplished so you won’t think I’m slacking!

Sewed some tags on a couple hundred shirts…not fun…but someone has to do it, right?  So, if you ever wonder how those special labels get added to your clothes…well…

A soldier brought in a leather jacket that she wanted her military patches added to, and she also brought her father’s patches in for that…no pressure, right?  That was a little scary – but she was thrilled with the finished product and I have to say it was an honor and very awesome to hold in my hands those little pieces of US history.

Added some patches to a biker jacket.

Repaired my son’s All-Star Jersey that was ripped in the washing machine a couple of years ago um, a while back.  Yea. I know – he’ll never wear it…but it mattered.  Still have to run it through the machine, but I did finally get it stitched back together.  Phew.  Poor shirt. Poor kid.

That’s about it!  Doesn’t sound like much, but well, there is life in between and apparently sewing on tags takes lots of communication.

So, now let’s get to the fun stuff…since I had black thread and knit needle in the machine alredy, grabbed what I could and got BUSY!  Didn’t take much time at all, and I just feel better…

I bring you a variety of little goodie bags:

Trick or Treat BagCompletely out of season, and yet oh-so-fab – The Mummy – Trick-or-Treat bag upcycled from a T-Shirt.  Easy-Peasy.

If you want to try it yourself, just cut off the arms, the neck, and close up the bottom of the bag. Use some sort of double stitch or sew 2 straight stitches to make sure your candy doesn’t bust through!


Love is never out of season, right?  How about some heart bags just filled with love?   All I did hear was cut out some hearts from a scrap of a T-shirt used from some long agoimage who knows when project and stitched them onto the cut-off pants legs of my daughters sweats (the rest of those pants will turn up again in another post).  Then, I sewed the raw cut side shut just like the ttrick or treat bag. And, lastly I cut a little slit in the hem so I could slide a ribbon in that to close the bag.  Does it get any simpler?


And, the final bit of fun – just in time for baseball season: One of the boys needed some practice pants – so I snagged him some awesome brand new ones at Goodwill (YAY!). imageUnfortunately, they were a little big. Fortunately, I know how to fix that…and even more fortunately, there was just enough leg left over to make these awesome gift card holders that can be used for end of the season Coaches Gifts. Yep, I’m that awesome.


If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, jump on to FB or let me know here and I’ll list them on Etsy for you.


Hope you love, and hope you’ll try these little projects out yourself! Have a lovely week!



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