Below the surface.

Above the surface. I hope what you see is what is realness and authenticity. Of course, like most, I’m trying to smile and keep a good face, and for the most part, that is TRULY genuine. I am not stressed out, I am not freaking out. I am simply moving on about my life in this crazy, emotional time. I’ll get up gung ho…and do so many things, and be so productive…and then I just crash and want to sleep.

Trying to teach my children, or least engage them in educational activities and physical activity.

Trying to be more disciplined.

Trying to establish routine Bible study for myself and my children.

Trying to stay in touch with my friends, family and customers.

Trying to keep my business moving.

Trying to maintain a reasonably clean home.

Trying to just get through a day.

Below the surface.

All of the things above are there. What you might not see:

My body hurts most of the time. Not every day. Not every every minute. But so often. And it’s exhausting.

I am humbled and reminded of my imperfection.

I never forget that, despite my imperfection, I AM ENOUGH, and it’s absolutely ok to not get all of the things done.

I crave spending more time in the Word. But I don’t always do it. I’m working on that.

Sometimes I want to call or text or send a card to everyone I know.

Sometimes I want to just close the curtains and read a book or sleep for HOURS.

Sometimes I don’t want to care that my children are missing vital educational & extracurricular moments. But I always do care. But I won’t beat myself over it. That won’t help anyone.

I do get up every day and give my very best to it.

I do go to bed every night knowing I did my best for everyone that day.

I do not beat myself up if my to do list, physical or mental, is not checked off. And it’s ok if others think I should do more. That’s not my issue. It’s theirs. I don’t know your inner struggle, nor do you know mine. I don’t have the same priorities as you, nor you me.

What I always remember is to encourage and love my people the best I can. And that MY people know that if I ‘vanish’ for a minute, that it’s ok…because I’ll always be back. And it will be ok.

So, however you are feeling above or below the surface, know that you are ENOUGH. Read that again. And again. And again.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Other people’s goals and accomplishments and priorities or opinions do not define you. You are, in the words of that wonderful tubby little cubby….You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. So, take on your world…as best you can.

Keep Swimming.

Much love,

💜 Cindi

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