Day 3 of 45

Response to 45 days of Faithfulness: Day 3: Let’s Make a Deal, the Magic Penny, and the Greatness of God.

This one, for me, is pretty simple. Maybe for you it’s not…I’m saying I’m perfect…or never take the easy right road right in front of me as opposed to the one right in front of me….but really, I’m in my 40s. I have a FEW things figured out. Not all the things.

I used to sew, quite a bit. I enjoy it. I love the process of it…and, when things turn out, the finished product can be extremely gratifying. A few years ago, I made my Father in a Law a Vanderbilt quilt out of his old shirts. To say this man is a Vanderbilt basketball fan would be the understatement of the year! My poor Mother in Law suffered the brunt of his frustrations for a year as she would sneak me shirts out of his wardrobe…and he would endlessly ramble about how his shirts were missing…and she’d either fain indifference or ignorance, or tell him she threw one out because it was stained. This whole process was made even more amusing because my Mother in Law is the MASTER at stain removal. MASTER, I tell you.

But…she saw the VALUE in the end result…the end result was an amazing quilt. full of love, full of memories, and full of joy. Worth every minute, every pile, every ripped out and restarted row. Every single stitch. The smile on his face. Absolutely priceless.

Yea, I could have purchased him more Vandy swag like we do most years…but, ya know what? This year was different, and special. And so precious. He loves that quilt.

And, to answer your question, no, I can’t make you one. Maybe in a few years I’ll get back to it…it’s not my time….

Now, I know this is a simplified response…we make choices every single day. Easy ones. Hard ones. But are we choosing to build and invest in our relationship with God and each other? ARE WE? the end result…priceless…try it out….

I’m stopping here and not going too deeply into this one…because I think we will have very different personal responses to this devotional, and my goal is not to affect or tarnish yours, but to encourage and inspire you. Please, share with me what choices you made today…

Resource for this blog Series:

DiMarco, M. (2019, March 09). Day 3
Let’s Make a Deal, the Magic Penny, and the Greatness of God. Retrieved March 10, 2019, from

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