Great hair day…but nowhere to go?

Ok, so if you have a great hair day, but you aren’t leaving the house – make sure you post a selfie on IG and make a video…then it’s at least LEGIT, right?

This is how I typically style my hair if a wash day happens to land on a home day – and, often even if I am heading out…it just works…it gets my hair back, without affecting my curl pattern. I’ve never much liked my hair in my face, so, again…it just works…

I hope you find it helpful…quick and easy is the name of the game….

Always get a selfie and video of a great hair day.

There are more videos on my channel telling you about the clip and bobby pin used in the video, and more posts under the “Hair and other pretty things” menu here on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have a particular styling struggle or hair issue, I’d love to help you or at least point in a helpful direction if it’s beyond my expertise.

💜 Cindi

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