Is hair your favorite thing? Let’s chat.

**Edit to add: After finishing this post, I went over to see what the #discoverprompt of the day is…it’s HANDS…so…We’re going with this, ok? Because…hands style hair. And that is awesome. And Hands, also, DO NOT like, nor need, to be idle. Carry on, and thank you for visiting!**

Stylists, Barbers, Beauticians, Hairdressers, Cosmetogists….whatever your title is…you worked hard for it…and earned it…so if hair and beauty is your gig, you may be at a loss right now…I’d love hear from you and what solutions and opportunities you are considering!

First, a yes or no question…

Are you ‘at home’ and unable to work with your clients due to social distancing, Stay at Home or Shelter in Place Orders, or other COVID-19 related situations? Maybe you or a family member are at high risk and it’s just better for you to not be with your clients right now?

If you answered no, you can read on or move on…up to you…

If you answered yes, please read on.

This might be you:

You have spent years building up your business and clientelle.

You have a professional, and perhaps a personal relationship with them.

You might even already have a substantial social media following.

Maybe you have children out of school.

You need to find a way to supplement your income. But you don’t want to, or can’t ‘go to work.’

Whichever of those fit, you’re awesome, and you’re VALUABLE. So many people, women & men, are trying to figure out WHAT to do with their hair. Cut it at home? Box Color? Transition to gray? Nothing? The possibilities are endless. We need you to keep us from cutting our bangs, seriously…it’s a growing problem that I’ve seen first hand…(that last line was a joke…sort of)

If this is you, I would invite you to research Lilla Rose, Inc. Why? Because I think you are VALUABLE and your expertise makes you a PERFECT fit, much more so than most of us. Honestly, I’ve never been ‘good’ with hair…I’ve learned SO much over the last year and half. I’ve learned by reading YOUR blogs, YOUR posts, watching YOUR videos. Learning how to better care for my hair. Learning how to best advise my customers, friends and family within my box, but being ever so careful not to step on your box…because I am certainly not a hair care expert.

So, do your research. I did mine…and I didn’t really find anything negative…in fact, here I am a year and half later, offering YOU what I feel is a truly VIABLE solution. I wouldn’t bother writing this if it weren’t. As for me, and my team, we love it. We love the company. We love the support and encouragement. We love all of the options that we have of making this business work for US and to fit OUR lifestyles. We love the possibilities. We love each other. We love the community. We love the customers. And we, of course, love the product.

I invite you to learn, and CONSIDER the possibility of partnering with us. Ask all the questions. We are not afraid to answer them.

Because what I believe YOU, particularly, can bring to the table is this:

A special knowledge of hair care that many of do not have.

Specialized training in styling, both formal and day to day.

A love for all things hair, or cosmetology in general…

A love for making people feel VALUED and BEAUTIFUL.

And what I believe that Lilla Rose, Inc, my team, and I can bring to you is:

An opportunity for you to bring VALUE and INTERACTION to your clients while you are apart. Yes, you really can do this from home.

An opportunity to supplement your income that will be SUSTAINABLE once you go back to work, and that fits perfectly into your world and life.

Connection, community, support, encouragement that I have never seen with any other company. I could talk for hours on this.

So, again. I invite you to research, and do your due diligence...and when you are finished, I’ll be here for any questions you may have and to assist you with your enrollment.

Not sure? Want to test out the product? Reach out. We can do that by hosting a giveaway to allow YOU and your clients or followers to experience Lilla Rose hair accessories first hand.

Here’s what is going on in April for us:

TODAY AND TOMORROW: our enrollment kit is $49.*

April 8-14, it is $59.

April 15-21, it is $69.

April 22-30, it is $79.

*Prices noted about are for the Ready Set Win Kit. The Ready Set Win plus Fast Start Kit (more product & materials) sale price will be as follows: April 1-7 $549, April 8-14 $559, April 15-21 $569, April 22-30 $579. Enrollment Sale offer begins Wednesday, April 1 and ends Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 11:59pm PT.

What’s in the kit?

Product and marketing materials. See file, below, for more details or visit (yep, free replicated web page – did I mention that?):

What I can do for you while you research:

Talk with you via email, phone, text, comments, etc…as many times as you’d like.

Invite you to our Team Group page for a preview. This will allow you to see how we work together.

Invite you to groups that allow you to hear from others about when, how and why they joined Lilla Rose, and learn about their journey.

Invite you to preview all of my social media channels – don’t judge too harshly – I am always learning, and I hope that you see progress over time! Perhaps you can learn a little about me and my personality from those sources. You can find those here:

Answer any questions you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out…I look forward to hearing from you!

Hear about my journey here on YouTube:

Much Love, and many blessings:

💜 Cindi

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