Be still…and do something.

Ever have a moment where you just get something? Finally…after thinking you already knew that?  I have lots of those…too many, really…

We have a tune we sing with our daughter when she gets too wiggly…”be still……..wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…be still….” I’m sure many of you parents  out there know it.  Sometiimes I have to sing that to myself. Don’t tell.  Please.

I tend to avoid the repetive and mundane… the tasks we have to repeat over and over…and this is my downfall – sometimes I just don’t get things done because of it…thing that really need to get done…I’ll become impatient because I’d rather do something more interesting or new and yet He says:

Trying for about the 4th time to read through the Bible.  Tell me I’m not alone in this? I rushed through my readings of Ex 27-30 today.  Because I’ve read them already and good grief…they go on and on…well… um…stop, sister.  Because when you stop and actually READ it…you learn something…maybe it’s not about the details…maybe it’s about something else entirely…

I  have lovely excerpts in my Bible from C.S. Lewis.  The one for today came from the preface to Paradise Lost:

When our participation in a rite becomes perfect we think no more of ritual but are engrossed by that about which the right is performed; but afterwards we recognized that the ritual was the sole method by which this concentration could be achieved. 

Did you ever notice that when you are sorting papers for a presentation, or doing some filing or sorting, or folding laundry, or threading your needle for the umpteenth time today, or simply driving the same path to work or school or wherever it is your road takes you  – these seem to be the times we lose ourselves in our thoughts.   And perhaps figure out  how to deal with that thing you’ve been trying to deal with for so long – or at least come to peace with it?

So, this post is a little reminder to myself to not get so impatient. And just do those things that must be done. Silence your phone and whatever other devices while you are doing them. And be still and do them well…and see what God does.

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