Not being able to work bites.

The American dream is built around hard work and commitment. Work is what we do. It’s how we thrive. It’s how we build our dreams and share our passions. Day 11 of Discover prompt is bite. It bites not be able to work. For so many reasons.

So many people not working right now…because doors are closed, because restaurants are limited to take out. Because bars that don’t serve meals are closed, because they or a family member are at high risk and can’t be exposed to the public. Because some has been exposed.

The American spirit is that we don’t just sit back and take it. We support each other. We encourage. We give. We offer options. Most of us can only financially give so much. So what do we do? We write, we video, we offer solutions, encouragement, options, love, kindness, all the things. We adapt. We adapt our churches, our bible studies, our meetings, our businesses, our teachers, our schools, our homes, our children. We get up and we show up.

Yesterday, I recorded a video focused on those who are temporarily out of work or not able to work. I challenge you to find a way to encourage our country, or your country if it is not the same as mine. I challenge you to offer a solution.

The video can be viewed here, and though I was actually talking to Shipt Shoppers, anyone out of work might find some value and OPTIONS and SOLUTIONS to their current predicament. Will you watch? Will you share? Because the best thing that we can do for those that are trying to keep people moving is to SUPPORT them…if you aren’t able to be ‘out there,’ for whatever reason…let’s lift up those that are and support them.

What’s your next move?

What has changed in your world? What are you doing to adjust? What are you doing to encourage others? Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to hear from you!

Much love,

💜 Cindi

This is was my ‘next move’ a year and a half ago…I haven’t looked back once. Best decision, ever.
Will you join me?


  1. What has changed is having everyone at home. Adjusting to the restriction for me has been, ensuring I keep the fellowship with God, getting involved at home and yes doing things I want to do.


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