Day 4 of 45.

Response to Day 4: The Yellow Brick Road. Hoarding Hope, and There’s No Place Like Home.

Are we? Are we hoarding Hope? I hope that my people wouldn’t accuse me of that. I tend to share things I am excited about…but wow…yea…I do sometimes just not bring up Jesus. Or church… or that Joy. Man. Dorothy brought everyone that she met. Sure, she let her guard down and shared her fears with her new found friends, but that’s a good thing…that’s ok…She never lost her HOPE and her joy and her enthusiasm for going HOME. This is what had been promised to her…and she believed it….because she believed it, she LIVED it, and she SHARED it….do we do that?

I finally purchased Reba’s new album, Sing it Now, Songs of Faith and Hope. So precious. I guess I’m telling my age here, but these are the songs that I sat in an big Southern Baptist sanctuary pew listening to my grandmother sing with maybe not a gifted voice, but with such love and joy and tenderness to her, that you could FEEL the joy and the Hope oozing off of her. Softly and Tenderly is one of my all time favorites…Jesus is calling…come home….come home…ye who are weary come home.

Ye who are weary.

Come Home.

Y’all. We are all so weary. This world drain us… My prayer today is that we hear that sweet, sweet call. And don’t hoard it. Let our friends hear it. Let the world feel it and see it in us.

Hope is a very powerful thing. What helps you keep your Hope up?

Please read through the devotional – and share with me in the comments your response to the questions asked at the end of the Devotional. I’d love to hear from you and pray with you!

Resources for this post:
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Reba McEntire (with Kelly Clarkson). (2017). Softly and Tenderly. Starstruck Studios: Reba McEntire, Doug Sisemore, Jay DeMarcus.

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