Have you met Wishabella?

One of my favorite ‘people’ in the wide-world…

Wishabella Granted is actually a group of shoppers in the Tampa Metro who, in short, take care of other shoppers in the Tampa Metro. Wishabella is so fabulous, she has received national attention and support from Shipt Shoppers. And, Wishabella often travels outside of the Tampa Metro to help other shoppers…I am so proud of the work they are doing. Please watch this short video to learn more…and if YOU have been a recipient of Wishabella’s love, I’d LOVE nothing more than to share your story.

The amazing community of Shipt Shoppers is a rare phenomenon…maybe, if someone is interested…I’ll share with you some stats of how many of their actually are…the love and support that this community provides is absolutely unmatched…and we have shoppers now from almost every state (not sure we have Alaska yet…but we have Hawaii!), and every background imaginable. This little gig, which is the brainchild of non other than Bill Smith (google that guy…ROCK STAR!)…has been such a blessing to so many people, shoppers and members alike…and we would love for you to be a part of the journey. View the video above, or take a hop on over to Wishabella’s storefront to support her efforts.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions.

Much love,


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