Be careful what you wish for…

How many of you chose ‘Clarity’ or ‘Vision’ for your 2020 word? Well, if this ‘social distancing’ doesn’t help you find it, I’m not sure what will.

The struggle is that, for most of us, life continues to move forward…we still have work to do, kids to raise, illnesses to tend, loved ones to care for, dreams to chase, educations to work toward…without our normal distractions and ‘breaks’, and without our normal interaction with our people that help us get through it…

I’ve seen so many positive attitudes, and a handful of negative ones…but the positives sure outweigh the bad…I’m choosing to continue to do whatever it is I do…which really isn’t much different, except that my children are home and we’re not eating out as much. There are sooo many dishes to wash…and the weather isn’t cooperating to where we can get outside as much as I’d like. Hopeful this morning, as the sun is shining…but there’s rain in the forecast. We shall see!

Clarity. Did you find it yet? If not, here are some ideas to keep you from going crazy and help you get there…

  • Turn of the devices and electronics…this is such a great time to connect with your family.
  • Purge. Pull some stuff out of a closet and decide what you really need. I think I love doing this so much because I always stumble across something that brings back fond memories…but sometimes its time to let the stuff go.
  • Clean out your fridge and pantry – be creative and have fun in the kitchen…try using all that stuff that you forgot you had. And donate what you don’t need to a local food bank…they’re going to need it.
  • Read a book. So many great ones. Too many to list. If you don’t have any on your shelf, check out your local library’s online books. Many, many books are available to download.
  • Listen to music. I haven’t been doing this much over the last week, but I’m enjoying the sounds of the birds and the children. Music is so good for the soul…and breaks the silence.
  • Pray. Fast. Read. Dive into scripture. NOTHING, I mean nothing, will bring you more clarity than diving into the word of God. You can even teach your children about fasting…I’ll say, though, be careful there…these are growing little bodies…if they choose to fast…our children’s minister recommends only skipping one meal or snack, or limiting snacks. We don’t want them fasting for long stretches.
  • Take walks. Enjoy nature. Enjoy your neighbors. Enjoy yourself. It’s ok for things to be quiet. It’s ok for things to be still. I’m sitting at my desk right now surrounded by things that need to be done/should be done…they’ll get done…eventually…but isn’t it nice to have some of the pressure off?
  • Do your taxes…yea…that one’s for me…I just really need to get this done…but it’s not fun, is it? But, what a load of pressure it will take off for this to be done and OVER with.
  • Take a bath. Again. Quiet. All the things we wish we had time for…we do now.
  • Pamper each other…massages, mani, pedis, hot chocolate, homemade lemonade, bake something…snuggle with a movie or a good book.
  • Read to your children…how long has it been since you’ve done that? It’s so fun to watch their reactions and enjoy the stories together.
  • Call your mother. Or your grandmother. Or your cousin. Or whoever that person is…you have time to talk now, so do it…
  • Write letters! And have your children write letters! How fun are pen pals? And, yes, this can count as ‘homeschooling’.
  • Work a puzzle.
  • Research whatever that ‘thing’ is that you’ve always wondered about or wanted to do…see if you can actually do it, and make a plan…I bet you can…

I hope you are well, and have all of the things that you need. I’m trying to get back on track to write more, and hope you find a little nugget that you enjoy!

Much Love,


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