Dear Potential Sponsor…

*Found another old draft post…from five years ago…wow, things have changed! But this team, these boys will always have a special place it my heart…more than they will ever know. So, it’s that time of year again…you’re looking for sponsors…and things are a lot busier than you anticipated, right? You can do this…You’ve got this…let me know if you have questions. While we are not longer in the middle of this world, I’ve been there…I’ve been the mom, the coach wife, the team mom, the sister mom, the friend…that’s the thing I miss the most…seeing my friends…because they really do become family. I still see them…just not, you know…fifteen times a week…🤣 Also, I actually can help you with a simple fundraiser… literally a link to share with your team, friends and family…and then I’ll send you a check…

Businesses, give them something…I don’t care if it’s $20, or $20,000….it matters…I assure you…or just offer set up a donation jar in your office…

Enjoy your season!

The original Post:

Dear Potential Sponsor:

What I meant to say was...


I hate asking for money as much as you hate me asking for it.

My coaches are awesome.  My players are freakin’ rock stars.  Come and watch them.

Youth sports – expensive. Most families – broke and working too much already.

I’m tired. I spend way too many hours of my life raising money. Our team needs your support. I will do a kick butt job promoting your business in the best way I can.  And so will the rest of my team.  You WILL get referrals.  You WILL get community recognition. And, yes, I will provide you with a tax receipt.

The bottom line is this, we can’t play without your support! If your business is within a 15 mile radius of our team or you ‘serve this area’ go ahead and call me, if you don’t – I will call you – because I am that mom. And I love my players. Thank you, in advance, for your support.

The Coach’s Wife.

PS – (Insert your actually sponsor letter here).

PSS – anyone reading this – if you’d like to make a donation to our team – please click here. (Insert Link to the amazing square shop you took the time to set up – if you’re working with a travel team, it’s worth it…everything in one place, the swag, the fees, the donations, etc…go for it)

PSS – Don’t care about baseball or our team? I’m sorry about that. You’re missing out. Because we really are that awesome. Please, find a team or youth activity in your area to support that you will love.

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