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Who am I? Problem Solver. Ponytail Maker. Praying Mama. Peach Getter.

So many things…it’s not really a short answer! I have had many jobs, worn many hats. Perhaps my favorite so far is being the mom…and my two current gigs really allow me the flexibility to do that…why 2? Well, is the long term plan, and the other? Well, I just love it and have no plans to ever stop. What are those gigs?

Problem Solver: I love solving problems (no, not math…) – but I’ve never been one to just sit back and let something, well…you know…suck…I love figuring out how to make things BETTER, or just WORK, or at the very least…just quit making things worse. This could be really anything…live, love, work, kids, school, hair, clothes, the house, pets…I’m very curious and fascinated with the ever changing world around us…it’s a good thing…but can also make me chase a lot of squirrels…so, yea…if you’re a blogger, I’ll likely read all your stuff…because I can…

Ponytail Maker: Well, I kinda fell in love with this hair stuff…It’s really amazing…Have you seen it? Lilla Rose. Hair Accessories. A.MAZ.ING. If you haven’t tried it, let me know! I’d love to tell you more about it. I’ll be writing about it a little at a time (Top Menu – Hair and Other Pretty Things will get you there…), but you can also look up more info on your own on the following pages:

If you are interested in collaborating, I am always open to bloggers & influencers hosting R&G’s! Please reach out. Want to collaborate on something else related to this blog? Is there a hair challenge you need help with? Styling or accessory issues? Want to work on a group Shipt project or video? Let me know, and I will consider it. Thank you for your consideration!

Praying Mama. When I was a child, I was THAT KID…that just wanted to be a mama when I grew up. My Mama stayed home with all four of us, and I think that shaped a great deal of my life. Was she perfect and pinteresty and Instagramable? Certainly not. She wasn’t really into ‘crafts’, though she had (and still has) a serious knack for sewing. She wasn’t into playdates (I’m not even sure that was a thing back then), but definitely took care of her tribe. Don’t tell anyone I said that…you wouldn’t guess this about her if you met her…She much preferred quick drop offs, and enjoyed nothing about all of the ‘extra’ stuff moms had to do…but she absolutely loves us all unconditionally and is always there when we need her. I’ve done the ‘career route’, and had some absolutely amazing and life changing experiences. Maybe, someday, I’ll tell you about some of them…they might surprise you! When my second child came, I took a year off and figured out real quick that I am not the person that can juggle all the things…kudos to those of you that handle it all on the daily…seriously I’ve seen you in action and you take my breath away. I’m better and NOT trying to do all of that…but, alas, I get a little stir crazy, and have a lot of my Mama in me. Some would say I’m a ‘Mommy Group Dropout’. But, my children are getting older now and are so much fun to hang out with…the oldest is actually starting to call me on the RARE occassion for advice and help with his college papers…Mamas, y’all cherish those calls…and never don’t answer…seriously, they may not call again for a month…when the next paper is due. I jest…but I am proud of him for his independence and he does call his Granny quite often, and that matters more.

Boy, I didn’t mean for that to turn into an entire thing! Anyway, I pray for my people, my community (online and offline), my country, our world, my family, and especially for my children. I have found no greater power than on my knees and giving everything over to God. Every worry, every wish, every hope, every dream, every prayer. God works in wonderful ways, and I know he has a sense of humor for the ways he chooses to answer some of those prayers. Please let me know how I can specifically pray for you and your family.

Peach Getter. I am also a Shipt Shopper in Nashville, TN. I started this journey in July of 2015 and still love it! Love my customers, the friends I have made along the way, and all of the amazing people I have met in the stores. If you’d like more information about Shipt, you can find that at or follow along here and I’ll share some information with you, as well!

I look forward to your interactions, comments, and feedback and hope you find something useful here!

Much Love and many blessings,


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