sHero sHair

Lilla Rose has abosolutely THE BEST bobbies I have every seen…the military has very strict guidelines on hair, and the last thing our soldiers need is to worry about their hair slipping down. I’ve been pondering how to make this program work, functionally, and I think I have it right! To support our female troups, as women, is the best way that I know to say thank you for their service and sacrifice.  It may seem small, but I hope that it will be appreciated and welcome.

Here’s the plan and how it will work:

  • Click the link to participate – this will let me know you want to purchase an item or gift set for our Female There are several options ranging in price from $1-40. If you would like to bundle more than one item that differs from the sets listed, just list those items in the notes – no need to submit more than one purchase request.
  • I will invoice you for the products you choose. That is the price of the item, without sales tax…I’ll cover that. I won’t be marking them down to my cost, as I need to cover the cost of cards, packaging and shipping. If I find, after a time, that the cost is less than anticipated, I will discount the donated items.
  • For every $100 worth of items donated, I will add a $10 or more matching donation.
  • I will add your order to my personal orders as you purchase, and once I have enough to justify the mailing, I will send those to SupportOurTroops.Org. If you’d like to include a card or note of encouragement with your bobbies, you can mail/text/message that to me and I will print or write it out to include with the shipment. Each set will include a personal card for the recipient.
  • I  have created a YouTube video promoting this effort (maybe that is why you are here now?  You can view or share the Video below.

Your thoughts and feedback are, of course, welcome! If you know of a local group that supports our female soldiers, I’m open to considering that as well!
I appreciate, in advance, your support!

Dedicated page with full information about sHero sHair can be found here.

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