Dressing Room? Yes, I will. Thanks!


Sewing maching in the shop? “Reclaiming” your home after long term house guests have left?   Just plain tired of looking at a boring and VERY MESSY closet?  This is the post for you…

That’s where I was – to make a long story short – cause all you really want to see is what I did and how I did it, right? Well, My closet was an absolute disaster – I had stashed stuff in there to get out of the way, to consign or sell later, to hide, etc…it was to the point I was literally tossing thing in there – and then crawling on my knees and looking for a matching shoe. It was time.  So, instead of just cleaning it out and reorganizing, I decided to make it, well, awesome.  I love it…hope you do, too, and I hope you can find some inspiration to pretty up your world.

This is what I started with – clean slate – sorry you, don’t get any before pictures – there are just some messes that you really shouldn’t share with the world.

Empty closet, with the table I stole from another room in the house. I knew I wanted to use that...and I had a few other random things I knew would be there...
Empty closet, with the table I stole from another room in the house. I knew I wanted to use that…and I had a few other random things I knew would be there…

The ladder came from my Aunt’s house – it almost made it to the burn pile.  The curtain came from my sewing stash…had great plans to make something beautiful.  The rack and little purse came from Goodwill both for $1.99.

In Progress

Not digging the table sticking out if front of the door, so I just moved the lower bar on the other side of the closet (where it was deeper) to that side and it was a much better fit.  Now, at this point, I neglected to take any more photos – because my brain can only process so much at once…so here it is all done – more details to follow.

Finished Collage


And there it is – Still have a little tweaking to do and the Handsome Handyman has some holes to drill for me.  Shawls are hung on some fantastic brass hangers I snagged at Goodwill (how could you leave those behind?  Scarves are hung from a little rail over the mirror from the high shelf you see in the before pictures. Shoes are displayed on the latter, heals hanging on a rack, and flip flops in a pretty basket.  My favorite part is the rug I have had for years and after 2 moves, have yet to be able to find it a permanent resting place (i.e., Handsome Handyman hates it, and I refuse to let it go…).  Sweaters and other stretchables are stacked on a luggage rack, curling irons and shoes I wear almost daily will b under that.  Bracelets are on a great little horn thingy – not really sure what it is…but I love it…and it will be awesome to use that to wake the kids up for school, don’t you think? Necklaces hung on the mirror and in the little purse basket, Rings in a beautiful little depresson glass candle holder that came from my Great Aunts home.  So, I spent less than $20 and got awesome.  If you need some more inspiration for your closet, take a peek at my pinterest board where I stored all the inpiring vanities and dressing tables that I loved.



Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.  A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.  Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.  She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.  Proverbs 31:9-13


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