Day 5 of 45…faithfulness

Response to Day 5: Almond Joys, Milky Ways, and Sharing Jesus

Y’all, I don’t have anything much to add here…the devo says it all! I’m just going to share with you a quote and this: Don’t hoard…share with your friends. Why would you keep this from them???? Ever here the song, What if You’re Wrong? by Nicole Nordeman? Look that one up…don’t hoard. Here’s what pastor says:

We all know that sharing is caring, and that giving others the things you love is a way of loving them. The same is true for our faith. Sharing Jesus with others is like giving them your favorite candy bar, only your supply isn’t limited at all. You can have and give all you want. The trouble comes when we think that the good thing we are giving them, Jesus, isn’t anything they would like. It can be easy to think that your friends and family are not only not interested in him but allergic to him as well. And in some cases it might seem like that, but the truth is that he is the best thing in the world we could share with them. All the other things pale in comparison, and hoarding him out of fear of sharing or of being rejected is a wasted fear. God promises to bless our faithfulness when we share what someone else shared with us. That’s just what God has done in the form of His Son, now we are to share this goodness with the rest of the world. 

References for this very short post:

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