Just a little tidbit – cuz it’s legit, y’all.

Shared this a few minutes ago on Facebook – I’ll do a longer post about this another day, here’s a brief…

I have been with Lilla Rose since November of 2018 (that’s just four short months), and so far EVERY single month, I have earned the stylist incentive. EVERY month….

It’s not hard. How much time do I spend? Well, not much. But a lot of organizing, and researching and planning – as anyone would do with any new company right? But, end of day, as much or as little time as I want to.

I’ll be the first to tell you, I’ve never have been a fan of direct sales – but these folks make it SO EASY! I love the product, my friends and family love the product, and so do all of my fabulous new customers! It’s a great product. A quality product. A unique product.

Here’s the brief list of why I love it…

  • They send you so much free stuff!! Y’all seriously. The sales goals are not hard to reach, at all.
  • NO FEES. Yes, you have to buy the kit….of course you do. But no monthly or annual fees! SOOO how do you stay ‘in’ as a consultant? LITERALLY – $29 worth of sales or personal (DISCOUNTED) purchases A YEAR. That’s it. No catch.
  • The support. AMAZING. FREE – weekly training, group/team support and coaching, access to more online training that you could possibly ever complete! Is it all necessary? No. Is it all helpful? YES! Every single tidbit that I have consumed has taught me SOMETHING and/or encouraged me that I am on the right track!
  • NO inventory. Do I have inventory? YES. I do. Do YOU have to? No. You don’t. I highly recommend a little bit – just enough for folks to touch, see, feel – but that can even be your own personal collection of products.
  • Personal. Y’all, the owner and all the folks at headquarters are amazing, and interact with all of us on a very regular basis.
  • Want more details? Hit that contact me link at the top – and I’ll get in touch ASAP – you can also read more specific information on my FREE (yep, you get tha, too!) Webpage here: LillaRose.biz/CindiMoore

Check out my latest Facebook Live showing off some of the free goodies:

Thanks for reading! I’m here if you have questions!

Much Love,



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