$5 cleats

NOTE: I recently merged an old blog into this one…in cleaning out the drafts, found this post…not sure why I never posted it…it’s five years old…that youngest child is now in third grade…Life has changed quite a bit since then, but we’re still here, getting the things done and adapting as we go! This was really interesting for me to read and reflect on. And this really was a period in my life where I learned that I DO NOT have to take advantage of every single deal or steal that comes along…

I love a good baseball fundraiser as much as the next mom (well, not really…but who does?) I do love being able to help out a ball team or organization or just about anyone trying to raise funds for a good cause or something beneficial to children or the community… But I wonder how often we really think through where we put our money? And I’m sure that I will upset someone here…so forgive me. Also forgive me if I ramble…I want to try to make sure that you understand my perspective as I look at our personal family budget…this may be very different for you…my point, though, which I hope you see in a few moments, applies to many, many families…and singles, and couples…

I only actually ‘work’ a few hours a week, if even that…I’m the mom, the wife, and 10k other roles in between. That’s a whole ‘nother post that I am sure has been dealt with. So, we rely mostly on my husband’s income. Anything I make is bonus…it either pays a bill on a tight week, covers something for the kids, goes into savings, or occasionally allows me a personal splurge on myself or a gift to someone else without having to check the budget. When we purchased our home a few years ago, we chose a home a little larger than necessary in order to accommodate office space for me as I worked from home and our youngest child would soon be starting kindergarten.
But alas…

My thoughts are not your thoughts…and my ways are not your ways…

Thus sayeth the Lord. Along came our third child. Planned, but still. Yea. Trying to work from home and be mom at the same time…there are so many amazing women that can pull that off…I am not that mom.

So, that, and many other circumstances and lots of prayer and personal reflection had us make some changes, I slowed down the work load on the path to close out a business I had given everything I had and then some for over 15 years. Again, a story for another day…

And yet we are still in that home we purchased with the extra space…with less income…and less potential income…

What does that do to your budget? Yep, every little bit counts. There is the quick background…So…lets talk about today…

Last week, I signed my daughter up for baseball (she is STOKED to have her own team FINALLY!). They didn’t have uniforms out for sizing…of course, having been there/done that/bout a few t shirts, I knew what size she needed…so whatever. Well, this week, sign ups were held at a local sporting goods store which shall not be named. And of course they are handing out discount coupons…well, I don’t typically shop at the store which shall not be named because – even with the discount – there prices are ypically higher, and I have never been overly enthusiastic about their selection…
So, do I go to said store anyway and support my league (they would receive a portion of the sales.) and let her go through the uniform sizing as a right of passage?

…or do I go to the other store which shall also rename unnamed where I know I can find a better deal?

Well, it was a no brainier for me…I have one child who lives and breathes baseball…taking him to the sporting goods store is scary. You want to buy him things because he’s awesome – he gives 300% everytime he steps on the field… And you hate saying no…but you do. You must. And, luckily, he rarely asks – it’s usually dad I have to rein in… And another child is a little girl who is such a girl…and loves to shop and look at things and try them on…and buy.them. And ask for them…and when you leave anywhere you are so emotionally drained from saying “no” and listening to the “can we tomorrow?”‘s or “I want that for my birthday” or “if I don’t get that, can I?”

Not that I can’t tell my kids no…I do it all the time…just ask them…

I just knew that it would be safer on my pocketbook to go to the other store which shall also rename unnamed…so I did. And you know what?


We made out with 2 pairs of cleats for her (having done this before, I am all too familiar with the mid season foot growth spurt…you just do. Or you let your kid play in cleats that are too small…you.just.don’t.), 2 packs (4 pairs) of pink baseball socks for all of us, and a pair of pretty flip flops for $19.

Yep. That’s right. $19.

Had to order the boy’s cleats online, that was another $25. But it’s all good.

Had I gone to the other store, I can almost guarantee that would have walked out with 2 pairs of cleats (one for each) and 1 pack of necessary socks and would have spent at least $60.00. Maybe I’m wrong…who knows…

What I do know, at the end of the day, is I will still have a few dollars in my pocket to buy a drink at the concession stand or buy something for the team or provide some other direct support to the team or league or whoever else might need support this week…and I simply feel better about that…

Plus, they ended up having a uniform sizing the following week at the park…so there you go…and we went and she reveled in it…

And my point is this…as parents, we can often feel a lot of pressure to give to every fundraiser (often purchasing items we don’t need or want…), buy every t shirt for every event, participate in every extra activity or event…even if it it is not in our budget! So, I am asking you to take a step back before you write that check or make that commitment…and ask yourself these questions :
1. Do we need this?
2. Is this useful to us right now?
3. Do our values match up to those of this organization?
4. Is this in my budget?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, let.it.go.
Give yourself permission to
A. Simply not go/not order/not participate
B. Politely decline a request. Your answer can be short. ” I really wish I could _________but it’s just not in our budget right now….” Or just “No, thank you, we will have to pass on that right now.” You do not have to explain your personal business. Even if they ask.
C. Don’t feel guilty. You will feel worse if you participate and that has a negative impact on your family’s financial health. It’s ok to say no!

Our pastor gave some thoughts on spending this week…good and simple guidelines – 1. If you are spending (or giving) less than $100, pray for a day. 2.  If you are spending more than $100, less than $1000, pray for a week. 3.  If you are spending over $1000, pray for a month.   But you’ll miss a deal, leave a steal at the store….it’s ok…the world will not end…

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  

Matthew 6:21

💜 Cindi

P.S. I have recently updated my Contact/About Me Page…if you’d like to learn a little bit more about my life, please visit: https://messybunandgettingdone.home.blog/contact/

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