This is for the dogs….

We had such a fun puppy party for my daughter! I thought I’d share some photos and where we got our treats and decorations!

If you’ve never ventured into custom cakes before, this one is, quite surprisingly, VERY easy! We used 2 round cakes, and I think 4 cupcakes? I’ll drop a link to the photo we used to figure it out. We also used boxed cake and canned icing. For the cupcakes, we set out some marshmallows, icing, and Scooby Snacks for the guests to build their own paw prints, or whatever else they wanted to come up with – that was fun! I do prefer to make my own icing, but since the birthday girl wanted brown, this was the best option! The puppy eyes and nose were from a kit we used to make a unicorn cake last year. This was purchased at Hobby Lobby. The tongue is part of a Twizzler.

Snacks all came from the local grocery store – Scooby Snacks, Cheese puffs, pretzel sticks, Rainbow Twizzlers, and Chex Muddy Buddies. Super easy, and happy kids! You could, of course, go ANY direction with the foods – lots of healthier options out there than what we chose.

Dog bowls all came from the Dollar Tree, and were donated after the party to our local animal shelter. Our goal was not to spend to much, and to have some use for them later…since we don’t need them, the animal shelter is ALWAYS a worth cause! Sunshine print Plates and cups came from Target.

Chalkboards – the easel ones I picked up at Walmart, and the the taller stand ones were some I had on hand that I use for work. I’m not sure where they came from, as they were given to me.

The goody bags were just little gauze bags – these can be purchased at most craft stores, or online. Inside, we put a little puppy paw print charms from Lilla Rose. Click Here to see more cute paw print options. I loved giving those with a sweet note rather than a bag of candy or cheap toys that would find their way in the trash.

For crafts, we set out balloons, construction paper and tape for the guests to make ‘puppies.’ We also had beads and chenille craft sticks to make ‘collars.’

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of our treats or decorations, I’d be glad to help if I can! Here is the link to the puppy cake pin that helped us put the cake together: CLICK HERE FOR PIN

*I do receive a commission for your Purchase at Lilla Rose. Feel free to contact me for more information about that.

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