Nothin’ doin…

You’d think I have been sittin’ on my toushie doing nothing interested…oh, how I wish! Never a dull moment around here.  Fall is always busy with nap mat covers, but that seems to be winding down. I think the last group of kiddos all started school this week, so hopefully everyone is having soft snuggly naps.

So, here’s what I’m working on at the moment (usually have 2-5 things going on at a time.SIGH.):

Princess Party on Saturday. Yep, it happened.  Don’t fight it, mama’s.  There is nothing you can do to stop it.  SO, of course we have to make a princess dress – the plan was to do a little tutorial for you, but ya know…it’s already out there…don’t reinvent the wheel for this one — check it out over here at The DIY Mommy.  I will get that finished up in the next day or two, and get you a picture of our version!.

Made one of two curtain panels for said princess’ room…Curtains are not my favorite thing, but the Missouri Star Quilt Lady is one of my favorite people on the planet.  Seriously, if you sew – I didn’t say if you quilt – I said if you sew! –  you need to check her out  on YouTube, Facebook, wherever – I used the “Self-binding Baby Blanket” method to make curtains. Oh, yes I did!  And it worked. Oh, yes it did.

And of course there’s the ever growing list of boy scout patches to put on, baseball pants to be patched, baseball fan shirts (those are awesome – will get you pictures of those ASAP, too!)

So, we’ll get everything all finished up, get you some good pictures, and share with you our little money saving tricks…

Would love to hear what you are most interested in seeing and hearing about!  Have great days!


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