Have you tried this thing?

So. I met a guy. At the school’s fall festival. I said whatcha got here? He said hair clips, and upins…what? Ok…I’m game…I wear my hair up every day. I delivery the groceries. I have a lot of hair. No one wants my hair in their groceries. I’m tired of ripping my hair out with rubber bands…what do you recommend?

He skims over his selection (knowing what I know now, I’m pretty certain that he didn’t give the choice even a brief thought…he landed on the Swerve.

The what, you say? The Swerve. Technically, it’s a hairpin, a Upin. Really, though, it’s the most magical thing known to man. I have literally left this thing in my hair for over 48 hours…yep I slept in it…don’t judge. Ever tried it? I have since figured out how to make pony tails, buns, french twists, and all sorts of fun styles with this simple $12 hairy thingy….check it out here...

Someday, I’ll make a video for you. Someday…let’s be real…today, I don’t know when someday is…so you may want to follow along…or beg me to do it ASAP – that might light a fire for me…

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