Curly Hair Wash Day!

⭐Full Video How To ⭐

I’m not sure I got it all 100% right…but I gave it my best! And we will NOT discuss how many hours it took to edit and put this all together 😂😂😂

This is a year in the making – FINALLY feel like I have enough figured out to share with you. You will see – a full wash day for me, start to finish, with lots of discussion about the what, when, and why of each step for me. My products are also discussed.

Thank you so very much to so many people that have helped and encouraged me on this crazy journey!

Full Curly Hair Wash Day

In this video, you will see products from the following companies.

I do receive a commission from any Lilla Rose items purchased through my link, and do have an Amazon Associates acount. (Hairbath, Conditioner, Texturizer) (Orange Marmalade Gel) (Bamboo Hair Towel, Swerve Upin, Rose Water, Flexi Clip)

Goody Comb:

Denman Brush:

The group where I learned most of the things:

More about me, including my social media links:

Thanks for stopping by!

Please let me know if you have ANY questions!

Much Love,


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