Bobby Pins that actually work??

Ok, I’ve had long hair for most of my life. So, I’ve used all the bobby pins…the cheap ones you get at the drug store or supermarket…the more ones you get at accessory shops…the really nice ones from a department store…They are great. They do the job. Sort of. For a little while. Sometimes. You know what though? I have always found myself constantly touching my hair, and pushing the bobby pins back in, adjusting, etc…WHAT IS THE POINT???? It drove me nuts!

But these…y’all…these bobbies don’t play around. My experiences with them so far:

  • Five hour gymnastics fun meet in my 8 year old daughter’s bun. NO MOVEMENT. No sliding. NO rubber bands. Just five basic, Classic Bobby Pins. I probably could have used three and had the same result, but this was the first real test for me…so maybe I over did it…
  • Ponytail Hold. I can wrap a little hair around a pony tail and stick a pin in it and be done…plain or decorative…doesn’t matter…it holds.
  • Braids. VERY often, I wear my hair in a braid…and when I take the rubber band out, LOTS of hair comes with it….drives me NUTS….so, yea…same game…I can wrap a little hair around the braid and be done with it… much better and so many options!!
  • If you have short hair, these make a PERFECT and adorable little ‘barrettes’ to pull a little hair back, or just add a touch of pretty.
  • Have thin or very fine hair? These work like Upins – you can do the pony tail if it’s long enough, or even pull off a French twist with these babies…not even kidding!! They are like MAGIC!

So, there ya go…that’s the bobby pin story! I’ll be working on more videos and stylings with bobby pins for you this month, so be sure to follow along!

Below you will find a small sampling of the Lilla Rose Bobby Pin collection – click on any of these to do a little shopping, and please let me know if you need any assistance.

I am an independent stylist with Lilla Rose, Inc, and do earn a commission from your purchase. If you are interested in Hosting a Party to earn free and discounted items, or joining the amazing family of Lilla Rose Stylists, please reach out and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.  

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