Stop it. Get some help.

Have you seen the GIF of the Michael Jordan commercial? Where he says ‘Stop it. Get some help’? It’s one of my favorites. Why? Because sometimes it is really just that simple.

Our friends make mistakes. Our spouses. Our children. Our colleagues. The list goes on and on. And what do we do? We give them some grace. We forgive them. We help them out of the rut…

And yet…

When we make mistakes ourselves…do I really have to say it?

We are the hardest on ourselves. We are the last to forgive ourselves. We are the last to ask for help.


Adam and Eve managed to ruin the entire world, and yet God showed up with Grace, love and restoration.



Whatever catch phrase you need to remind yourself, stop trying to do everything yourself. Let. it. go. Stop trying to fix it all yourself.

Put your hair in a bun, move on, give it to God. Try it. Let me know how it works out.

Much love.

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