45 days of Faithfulness

Our Pastor has challenged us to 45 days of faithfulness. Not Lent, not a ‘sacrificing’ thing (though that is also encouraged), but of FAITHFULNESS.

  • Faithfully Grow
  • Faithfully Give
  • Faithfully Gather
  • Faithfully Share
  • Faithfully Invite
  • Faithfully Fast
  • Faithfully Serve

Forty-five days of trusting God and doing what he says. And trusting that he will keep his promises. So, who’s in? My challenge to you is, simply enough, to take my Pastor’s challenge. See what happens. Keep me posted.

I’m not reblogging – just sharing thoughts/responses to the daily devotionals – You can read the full devotional for each day at 45days.faith.

Let’s go….

Day One. First, read the devotional….below you will find my responses.

Gi Joe, the Apostle Paul, and the Sincerest Form of Flattery.

The first question posed is

‘Who is/was a character (or real life person) you liked to pretend to be when you would play? Why?’

When I was a child, I loved Cinderella. We didn’t have Brave, or Tangled, or these more ’empowered’ woman stories.  I can’t say I liked to pretend to be Cinderella, never really wanted to be her. I just loved the story. I had a book on tape (yep, just told my age) that I would sit in my bedroom floor and listen too – and forget about the rest of the world entirely. I loved that the magic of it, and that someone actually saw Ella.  Someone saw through the ashes, the pain, the simpleness. I loved the redemptive power of the story.  Not the romantic love story, not the prince.  Though that was sweet, if you really think about it, wasn’t really that important of a detail…just something that happened…BECAUSE of faith.  BECAUSE Ella trusted.  The Fairy Godmother, who was always there even though she may not have been seen by Ella, was given full rein.  Full trust from Ella….what if…what. if…..we gave that to God? I mean, REALLY gave that to God…  

In Matthew Chapter 7, we can read:

Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you. Everyone who asks will receive. Everyone who searches will find. And the door will be opened for everyone who knocks.

Ella was at her very, very weakest and most fatigued moment. She let go.  And she trusted…and she, after a horrendous struggle (I know, it’s a cartoon).  But, y’all…think about it…she was LOCKED IN AN ATTIC! Sit on that for a minute.  And yet she held on to her joy and the love that she had seen and known.  And guess what? Her faithfulness was rewarded. 

I have had and still have dark days. I’ve never been locked in an attic. Nothing even remotely that tragic or interesting.  Not really all that interesting of a story at all.  But, I have experienced that unconditional love from family and friends, and from God.  And it is that promise of grace, love, acceptance, and joy that would often get me through the day, hour or minute. 

Have you knocked on the door?  Have you SEARCHED for that joy?  WILL YOU KNOCK? Have you been brave enough? 

Second Question:

‘Who is a good example for you in regards to faithfulness that you would like to grow to be?’

I had a Sunday School Teacher in high school who shared a story with us (I won’t share that story – it’s hers to tell) that maybe was a little much  for High School girls – but maybe it wasn’t – because God uses us and our stories to HIS PURPOSE. I have drawn more faith and wisdom over the years from that story and encouraged more friends through difficult times by sharing that story with them than you can shake a stick at it.  So, the story wasn’t so much for me, thought it absolutely has had a VERY distinct and DIRECT and impact on my life, but for all of us.  For me, for the other girls in that class, for all that crossed my path later…it’s a story of trust of faith, and not giving up. Not letting go of the promise of redemption and grace.  She chose to fight through her struggle and NOT GIVE UP ON GOD.  Yea.  I want to be her when I grow up.  Maybe it’s time now? 

My favorite Bible story is that of Esther.  The strength, the trust, the compassion, the POWER of a living God to work through those that are faithful….

Esther 4:14 says

‘Perhaps you were born for a time such as this.’

Last question for today…OUCH.

‘What is something you need to confess that will help you grow to be more faithful?’

Ouch.  Well.  Yea.  I’m not as faithful as I’d like to think I am. 

Yea. I go to church. Yep. Volunteer. Willingly, Joyfully. Uh-huh.  Tithe. I do, cheerfully giving…my husband takes care of that…Pray? Often.  All day.  Fervently? Sometimes.  Occasionally.  But what if I did that ALWAYS? What. If.

How often do I actually pour myself into God’s word? Do I have to answer that?  

Well, let’s just say that that my GOAL for this challenge of 45 days of faithfulness is to be more disciplined. I learn by reading and writing. Not by sitting and reading and listening, etc.  So, you, whomever YOU are, reading this post…even if there is just one of you…YOU are my accountability.  To respond to these devotionals IN WRITING in a way in which I might give something back to someone. Maybe you will get nothing out of it. Maybe you will skim it and move on. Maybe you will skip right over it. Or maybe, just maybe – it will encourage you to be more faithful…I certainly hope that is the outcome for both of use!  

Matthew 6:11

‘Give us this day our daily bread.’

Now, throw up that bun, and get ‘er done.  Have a beautiful Thursday, all. 

Much Love, 


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