I gave myself a haircut…and this is how it went…

Are you stuck with your hair? Not able to make it to the salon? I want to first assure you that it’s GOING TO BE OK! No one is judging…and if they are, then look away, ok?

I gave myself a trim today. This is the second time I have done this. The first time was a little experimental, this time, a little more intentional. It went really well, so if you’re not afraid, or if you just think I’m crazy and want to know WHY, WHY, would I do such a thing?? – check out the video. I hope that it gives you the information and COURAGE you need to try it yourself if you’re ready for a trim. I’ll explain why I do a ‘Triple’ and why you MIGHT want to start with a single…or not…

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by. I would LOVE to know if you’ve ever cut your own hair and how that went! Also, if you try it now, come back and let me know!

Triple Unicorn Cut 🦄 Went Like This….

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