Watch Me Mop, Watch me T-Mop…

So many reasons I wanted to write this post – I could actually write an essay about why I dislike ‘traditional’ modern mops, string/rope mops, sponge mops, and what even are those pretenda mops with the weird strips? Yea, been there…tried that…

Here’s why I don’t like those…in a short form, bullet list…in lieu of an essay no one wants to read…

  • They’re gross and stinky
  • I have to put them outside to dry – I live in TN. There are about two days out of the year that mopping coincides with the kind of weather where I want to do that, and then forget to bring it inside for two days…
  • If I don’t put them outside to dry, they sit somewhere in my house where I have to look at them…what’s even the point of cleaning if I have to look at a mop? Just sayin…
  • The sloshing of water and suds and squeazing…
  • Is it enough squeazing? Too much?
  • I inevitably end up throwing them away…for a couple of possible reasons:
    • They’re gross and stinky
    • I didn’t clean it out well enough when I was finished
    • I left it outside too long
    • the sponge/strings/weird strip things only last through one or two three uses (When I mop, I MOP!)
  • I find the EVERY CHANGING and WIDE range of options in the cleaning aisle extremely overwhelming.
  • Did I mention they’re gross and stinky?

So, I don’t when or where or how I stumbled across this idea of T-Mop – I think someone called it a Cuban mop – and I was intrigued…interestingly enough, not the simplest thing to find when I went hunting for one a few years ago (I’m sure they’re much more popular now, maybe? I dunno…maybe this post will go viral because it’s SO interesting and then they’ll catch on? 😂

Moving on…anyway, finally found one…this was at least three years ago – I really want to guess five years, but I have a horrible concept of time when it comes to menial things like this, so let’s go with three…K?

Guess what? I haven’t replaced it yet…all I’ve done is purchase a couple more rags for it JUST IN CASE they become obselete or even harder to find or I should happen to mop more than once in a week…. month...quarter… well, whatever…I mop when I feel the need to mop…

Here are some before pics – but first…I need to close your eyes and imagine… no wait, sorry. Leave your opens so you can read this…

Three large dogs. Two huskies. One chocolate lab. Rain. For months. Like the yard can’t get dry from the last rain spell before it rains again…one of those huskies is not ours…he escaped from a neighborhood aquaintance…coincidentally, our husky and that husky are related…so we, really don’t mind…he ends up sleeping over…and howling all night…I mean ALL NIGHT…so much so that I got a text from my neighbor the next morning asking if I knew where the dog was that was howling all night…😆

Are you still with me? Hang in there…I’ll get to the mop eventually…

So…they’re rain, and mud…SO.MUCH.MUD….so much. mud.

And our visiting husky is a little anxious…he wants to go home…he’s fine here…loves romping with our dogs…but he lives with three more huskies…and is very well taken care of….so he just wants to go home…

The lab…that one’s ours, in case you’re losing track…she is capable of jumping the fence…so, yea…we’re that family with an electric fence around the 1/2 acre wooden fence we installed to keep our other lab safe (he has since passed…but I disgress… let’s not chase that squirrel or I’ll be a blubbering mess…over a MOP).

No one put her collar on this morning (read: that’s my husband’s job…no way I’m going to remember that…)…so, midmorning, she shows up at the front door…you know, the part of the house that is NOT fenced in…so, I’m so tired, I’m just happy I didn’t realize she was gone and go chasing her down…again…Judge me. It’s ok. Did I mention that my two little great nieces are here for the day? They also slept over…and I’ve had like, 2 hours of sleep? Because howling…Still judging? Well, if so, move on…we’re all safe…and loved… and fine…

Ok, now you have the set up…here are the pictures I promised…There’s a bonus pick of the carpet in another room…I’m not even going there today…

So, I spend…you know…basically FOREVER picking up crap off the floor...hanging a picture that’s been propped up on the wall waiting to be hung….(read: honey do list is too long)…putting some things away…putting stools and chairs on top of things (the counters and table I SHOULD be cleaning instead)…

And then, Finally…I pull out the mop…change the rag…because, you know…who would do that when they finish? **EYEROLL** But, it’s not gross and smelly…Grab my Method floor cleaner (If you’d like another FASCINATING post about why I LOVE this stuff, please, commen – If you’re even still reading…who knows…maybe I’ll entertain you…) and get busy…

Here’s why I love the T-Mop:

  • It’s NOT gross and smelly…
  • It’s easy to use
  • I don’t have to put my hands/arms/probably eventually entire being into mop water (this, too, maybe has something to do with the Method Cleaner?
  • I can change out the rag very easily…
  • I don’t throw away mops every few weeks/months…less waste
  • I don’t have to BUY new mops every weeks/months…less MONEY
  • I’ll NEVER have to purchase another mop again. MAYBE in 10-15 years, I’ll need a new rag…but I don’t even see that being an issue.
  • It WORKS
  • I basically never have to stand in the cleaning aisle making a decision about a mop, again..EVER!
  • It’s NOT gross and smelly

So, listen, here’s a little video (probably the most fascinating thing you’ve seen in ages, right?) This is me squirting Method onto the floor, and mopping with one hand…which was a little more challenging than I thought it would be…but it was MUCH easier than begging my kids or husband to help me take the video…and then there’s all this PRESSURE…WHY are you recording this? And then it has to be the most EPIC blog post ever, RIGHT? yea…well…I don’t need that kind of pressure…so I managed…

Watch me mop, watch me T mop…

And here are my after pics…no soppy wet water…no stinky, gross sponges, or ropes or weird strips of whatever that is…just a couple of white rags that are no longer white…the one I used, and the one someone else left on the mop….

Should you choose to purchase a T-Mop and these handy white rags MADE for the T mop, here are a few things that might make you NOT hate me for putting this idea in your head…and where I purchased them (No, I’m not an affiliate or partner, and this is not an ad…it’s just the best EVER blog post about mop…wouldn’t you agree?)

  1. The T-Mop takes a little getting used to/practice…you’ll want to throw it out the first time and hunt me down to beat me with it…please don’t do that…I have children…just be patient…I have faith in you! YOU CAN DO IT!
  2. I bought one rag to start with…you know, in case I hated it…I got two more later…so I had spare in case of laundry delays, or major clean ups.
  3. Yes, I still have to occasionally scrub a stubborn spot…with my hands and a rag/sponge/whatever – did I mention I have kids? And dogs? And that sometimes random dogs show up? There’s a lot of dirt…it happens.
  4. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use fabric softener on your rags…WHY? Well, let me just blow your mind if you didn’t already know this…Fabric softener keeps all of your awesome towels/rags/cleaning supplies/etc from ABSORBING WATER and other liquids…yup – clogs them right up…it’s science…google it…that’s a whole ‘nother post…let me know if you actually want to read about that, but I’m not going to promise I can pull that one off.
  5. Yes, you can use bleach. I don’t care if you do or not, but you can…
  6. Yes, you can use a random rag or towel in place of the special rags with the hole for the T mop – you can wrap them, or cut a hole in them…whatever works for ya, doll…I tried these things…I prefer the special cloth…but, you do you…
  7. It takes a little pressure…this is not hard labor, but you do actually want to push down on the mop – this helps the mop actually do it’s job, and keeps the towel where it belongs…this is the part that takes a little getting used to – you’ll be cursing me every time the towel slips out from under the mop…again, be patient!

Here’s where I got my goods:

  • T-Mop – Publix
  • O’Cedar rags – Also, Publix
  • Method Wood for Good – Target. I’ll sometimes purchase this at Publix, but generally at Target.
products used

Alright, y’all! Thanks for hanging in there...if you made it this far, you’re likely my people – I really meant for this to be a VERY short “I LOVE THIS MOP” post…but you know, sometimes…story time has to really make it real!

Let me know if you own a T-Mop, and how you like it! Or, if you’re GOING to get one! I’d love to hear about your experience…yes, I’m genuinely interested…if only to know that my enthusiasm for this simple contraption is not teetering on the edge of insanity…

Much Love,


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