Faithfulness…Take 2!

Yep, I’m a day behind – so you will get two today! See why we need this? Life. 45 days can maybe create a habit. A new normal. What we do because it’s WHAT WE DO!

Here is a link to Friday’s Devo from our Pastor and his wife.

It’s about giving, but not what you think…careful, it might bite back a little bit…

…those who persecute us…bless them…..

…give the bully some cotton candy….

Doesn’t require many words…

It doesn’t say bless to those who love you…

It doesn’t bless keep giving to those who help you….

It doesn’t say bless those who serve you…


The bullies.

The one’s you don’t get along with.

The one’s who disagree with you.

The one’s you don’t like to be around.

The one’s that make your life difficult.

The one’s who hurt you….


Ok? Yea. I know. It’s not easy….do it anyway.

Choose whichever definition you want…they all work here…


verb\ ˈbles  \blessed\ ˈblest  \ also blest\ ˈblest  \; blessing

Definition of bless

transitive verb1religionto hallow or consecrate by religious rite or wordasked the priest to bless their marriageBless this home.2religionto hallow with the sign of the crossHe blessed himself before liftoff.3to invoke divine care forbless your heart—used in the phrase bless you to wish good health especially to one who has just sneezed4aPRAISEGLORIFYbless his holy namebto speak well of APPROVE5to confer prosperity or happiness uponGod has blessed us with four children.6archaicPROTECTPRESERVEBless me from marrying a usurer!— Shakespeare7ENDOWFAVORblessed with athletic ability

The questions posed are these…

When you were younger, what was something you found difficult to share? Why?

I never really had a problem sharing…I can’t really think of anything specific that I couldn’t let go of…I did tend to be a little reluctant to loan or share things that I valued for whatever reason – a favorite book, or sweater, or whatever item, if I thought I might not get it back and it was not replaceable….but guess what? It’s not mine anyway…so…ya know how the not so old saying goes, right? Let. It. Go.

How does giving, even to our enemies, show our faithfulness? How does it show God’s faithfulness?

Basically, we are giving of ourselves, and sharing the same love HE gives us. It sounds so easy doesn’t it? But when you’re in the moment, can you actually do it? Give that vulnerably? Let yourself love and give to that one person…you know who that one person is to you…What if God held that same grudge that we can be so good holding? What if he stopped giving to us? What if He turned His back and said ‘enough’?

Guess what? He doesn’t, ya’ll. He doesn’t. We don’t get to, either. Do it anyway. Bless them. Love them. Be like our beautiful and loving Father in Heaven that LOVES US ANYWAY!!!!

Think of someone that is not easy to love and a way you can give to them today in memory of all God has given you in spite of your unfaithfulness.

I’m not calling someone out here…I do not believe that the internet is where we strip down people…or maybe we just don’t strip people down at all, huh? We all have people. Those that drive us crazy, push our buttons…all those things. Maybe I can send a card, or small gift, or just a text or a message somehow to that person to say hello, or happy birthday, or I’m praying for you….or just thinking about you…ask about that thing they are doing…or their child…or work…or spouse…or family… ya know…

My personal take away today….

I’ve always loved the phrase…’Don’t leave anything on the table’. you can apply that to food, money, talent, love, relationships, deals, education…etc…basically, to me, it means give your all, do your best…don’t miss out on something because YOU chose to NOT take advantage of those blessings available to you… don’t miss it….

So why would we want to miss out on God’s blessings? So easy to do…leaving that kindness, that love, that GRACE (GRACE is a MIGHTY powerful word, ladies and gentlemen, mighty powerful.) Don’t leave what God tells you to freely give to EVERYONE on the table. Give it out FREELY, because that’s what he does for us…your time, your love, your gifts, your talents, your money, whatever your IT is that you are holding on to so tightly…give it… BLESS THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU…..

Share your coffee…give a spoon…get them some sugar sweet cotton candy…I dare you to try it. Please, let me know how it turns out!

GIVE. of myself. of my time. of my heart….because God said so….

It really is just that simple…

Love you all much…go, give, love, bless one one another.


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