Gel / Acrylic Nail Hack.

Ok, I hadn’t planned on doing this video just yet, but as you can see by the photo here:

Not a great DO NOT want THIS to happen to you…

I needed to do SOMETHING to repair this nail…I made a mess of it, had lifting (which, I actually discuss the importance of AVOIDING in this video – that said, if you’re an amateur like me, it’s going to happen occasionally…you just have to be sure to fix it. Video, as I said, was done on a whim. So, it’s not the greatest..but, I did do a voice over so that you know what is going on. Basically, I got everything filed off the nail, and started fresh…

Soon, I’ll have a better video of doing the fill after a couple of weeks of your nails. May be a month or so – I have a current polish/color/thickness situation that I don’t love (just don’t like the particular polish (not the one shown in this video), but I just finished that yesterday. I may be soaking that all off and starting from scratch. We will see…that’s the nice thing, I get to decide :)…because I can… either way, these things take time. I hope you enjoy the video, and that it encourages you to to research and TRY something on your nails...whether it is the same process as mine, or something entirely different. Below the video, I have listed out some basics about my nails, and the general steps, without details, of the process…Enjoy!

Please let me know if you have ANY questions!

If you are on a mobile app where you can’t see the video, please CLICK HERE to view.

My nails:

  • I have been trying my entire life to grow my nails.
  • The ONLY thing that worked (I have tried ALL of them…is the Gena Healthy Hoof Nail Cream mentioned in this post.
  • My nails tend to break, peal, and are very soft/pliable. They are not strong at all. The Gena Nail cream made a big difference.
  • I have not broken a nail in over a month since beginning this journey about a month ago.
  • I tried a similar process about a year ago, with mixed results. It was not perfect FOR ME…Did you know that some things will work better for you than me, and vice versa? True story.
  • I learned most of the information and techniques that I am share with you from my friend, Cat. She’s incredible and has spent HOURS on nail technique and is just…awesome.

Click here for a few product suggestions.

As mentioned in the video, please research your products…find the ones that work best for YOU and YOUR nails.

The basic list of what I did in the video, in order:

  1. Primer
  2. Bonding Agent
  3. Gel foundation
  4. Cure
  5. Acrylic powder
  6. Gel foundation
  7. Cure
  8. Gel polish (3 coats – not always necessary, depends on polish/color)
  9. Cured after each coat
  10. Top coat
  11. Cure
  12. Finish (swipe with alcohol)

I CANNOT stress enough:

  1. I am NOT an expert…please RESEARCH your products and techniques.
  2. MAKE SURE you use a primer and bonding agent.
  3. MAKE SURE to seal the CLEAN, DRY NAIL (see video demo of this)
  4. Keep an eye out for any lifting or other issues and RESOLVE THE ISSUE ASAP.
  5. ENJOY! This is supposed to be fun! If you do not enjoy it, don’t stress over it! You DO NOT have to do your nails…but if you WANT to, YOU CAN!

Related nail posts, to date…might be helpful for context:

Much love, and many blessings!

💜 Cindi

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