Because I can’t any more: Journal, Week 1

Thursday, May 28, 2020, The day before.

Trainwreck brain. Stayed up too late last night.

9:00 am Had to run out on a errand before morning coffee. Have a migraine setting in. Was jittery and anxious entire trip. Zero focus. Everything is hard.

Noon. First blog post about this journey finished up. Tomorrow’s post scheduled. This post started. Already realizing I have too much on the books and on my mind today.

Daughter’s friend is visiting.

My friend is coming to shop with some of her family. My house is WRECK.

I slept in my clothes. Still wearing them. Sipping McDs coffee. Haven’t actually eaten.

About to finally take morning meds.

1:30 pm. Making daughter and friend popcorn. Heating some leftover soup. Finally taking morning meds.

Friend came by, luckily this is not a judgemental family 🙂

Tired, and unfocused pretty much all day. Pizza for dinner. Didn’t really accomplish as much as I’d have liked today. I did flip a load of laundry.

Friday, May 29, 2020 Day 1

Just overall sleepy and unfocused. Focusing on water intake today, and adding Supplement A.

Plans/Hopes for the day: Bible study that I usually do first thing in the morning. Take the dog for a walk. Finish up editing a video. Laundry. Work on taxes. Order Groceries.

Stayed up too late last night, again. Finished up yesterday’s journal and started this one.

9:30 am, had a chiropractor appointment. Did manage a shower prior to that, but did not have time to get my hair washed.

11:30 am taking supplement A along with morning meds. Starting with half of recommended amount for the day.

7pm finished the video. Didn’t order groceries – but did run and grab a couple of things to top dinner from things we already had on hand. That was a major accomplishment. And we had dinner at 6 instead of 8-9 pm.

Seemed to have a little more energy and focus. Didn’t do anything else on the list. But did some other productive things. And had some intentional downtime and didn’t nap. So, I’ll take that.

Tomorrow is another day. I’m tired. Probably done for the day. Might do some laundry ;). Will go to bed on time.

Saturday, May 30, Day 2 It can’t be this easy, right?

Supplement A first thing in am, and again about an hour before dinner.

Added Supplement B before bed. Haven’t changed my normal meds or supplements at this point. Saturday was a very busy mentally draining morning, had a three hour afternoon nap. One of those nongotiable naps. That helped. Woke up a new person.

Went to dinner with the family. Actually looked forward to that rather than dreading it. It was pretty late. It wasn’t a great service experience. Instead of losing my mind, we just kind of dealt with it. Ate a little bread. Had a good salad (upgraded to a strawberry salad). It was pretty big salad, didn’t eat all of it because I wanted to save room for the meal.

Meal was amazing. Not a huge fan of steamed broccoli…so didn’t eat much of that – not a ton of menu options right now. Ate about half of the salmon and potatoes, and my son finished that. It was absolutely delicious. I’m not really an ‘over eater’ by nature, but I generally clear my plate and eat what’s there. So, maybe I am? Portions are usually way to big, right? But, what was served here looked and felt like a good, healthy but generous portion.

Normally would cleared the plate. Ate about half.
Did have a little bread and a generous strawberry salad, also not fully finished.

Sunday, May 31, Day 3. This is what I was looking for.

6:30 am Went to bed around midnight. Later than I should. But sadly earlier than usual. Woke up around 6 am awake and clear headed. And couldn’t go back to sleep. Maybe i could have. But after 30 mins i gave up. That’s the me I remember. Clear headed is the important part.

7:30-9:30 nap So much for up early!! Ha!

11:00 am: Brunch with friends, had a lovely time, didn’t want to immediately go home like I usually do. Supplement A while getting ready to go for brunch.

4:00 pm: Home. Rest of day was a typical Sunday – a little rest, a little play, a little productivity. Felt pretty much like a normal human being. That was nice.

Supplement A about an hour before dinner.

Bedtime, not terribly late (writing this on Tuesday, so hard to remember. Took Supplement B at Bedtime.

If this is not a fluke, I’m convinced. Will stay the course!

Monday, June 1, Day 4

Similar to Sunday. But, a ‘work at home day for me’. I was not extremely productive outside of ‘necessary task, did take some time to rest (thought I would actually nap for an hour or so, but did not).

Daughter had Virtual Vacation Bible School. Participated AND ENJOYED doing that with her.

Dinner happened at a reasonable hour. I actually ordered groceries LAST NIGHT to be delivered this morning. So, I knew what was for dinner. That’s a change from my usual last minute ‘have no idea’ or missing ‘3 ingredients.’

Supplement A, twice as suggested. Supplement B at bedtime.

Good Day, for sure. In general, what I notice is that I just overall ‘Feel Better’ with no other real reason to.

Tuesday, June 2, Day 5

5:30 Son had early basketball practice. Husband usually takes him (READ HERE: He works for UPS and is typically gone 10-12 hours a day…the last couple of months, it’s been more like 12-14 hours. I SHOULD be doing the early drop offs so he can rest, but he does it anyway). Just happened to wake up and hear them stirring. I usually sleep through my husband leaving for work around 7:30.

Supplement C added this morning. Max of 4 throughout the day suggested, starting with one today.

9:00 am – filling in the journal holes. have already done Bible study, picked up kid. Killed some time. Taken normal morning meds/supplements. It’s going to be a great day! Have no idea what’s for dinner.😆😆

Feeling positive, clear headed…like I’m not even sure what to do with myself…and there’s still a nagging fear of over doing things and causing myself to crash into a Fibro Flare.

This is where I’ll start to question if it’s a fluke/placebo effect/etc. Time will tell! Overall, I already feel 200% better. Fingers crossed.

Oddities – waking up very early. Feel like it’s much later.

Wednesday & Thursday, June 3-4, Days 4-5

I’m reallly bad at maintaining journals! So, here’s a summary of the last 2 days:

I am up to the full recommeneded dose of 3 supplements…I will likely knock one down a little bit…remains to be seen.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER. SO MUCH. Still a little trouble focusing. I’m not sure that’s the Fibromayalgia or the medication for it at this point. I have woken up a couple days feeling like I’m going to be in a ‘Flare day’, but it passes. I feel like a functioning member of society. I will continue these supplements, for sure.

I haven’t been on a scale, for those of you curious about that. I feel better. That’s the goal.

New things this week (I won’t call them side effects, because I’m not sure that’s appropriate and I am NOT a doctor):

  • A little extra time in the bathroom (that was anticipated, and is expected to level off)
  • Lots of energy, and ‘extra tasks completed around the house that have been neglected for MONTHS.
  • Feet are a little swollen (just a day or two). I am closely monitoring that. I am currently attributing it to not enough water, and more time on my feet…if I can’t level that off, I will deal with that. This is NOT an unusual thing for me at all, so please don’t fret over it!
  • I don’t want to eat things that I don’t need. Basically, I want to eat when I’m hungry…and anything not so good for, just isn’t very appealing. Mind game? I dunno. Do I still have a bite of chocolate or ice cream or a few chips? Yup.

That’s a wrap for week one! Basically, we shall carry on with this little experiment and see where it leads us. Thanks for popping by! If I left something too vague that you are curious about, please ask!

Where is this post stemming from? See HERE:

Series can be found together in order, on top menu.

Week 2 Update:

Much Love,


*I think it goes without saying: I am not a health expert or physician. I am simply sharing my story. Any information, methods, practices, treatments, thoughts, etc share here are my own personal experiences and SHOULD NOT be taken as medical advice. Again, I am simply sharing my story.

P.S. Please do not put any links to products, supplements, or programs in the comments to any posts about this journey. They will be removed as I cannot personally vouch for them and do not wish to lead my readers down a path I am unfamiliar with. I appreciate your respect of that boundary. If you have something that works for you, I hope that you will share in your personal blog, or on whatever platform you might utilize.

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