Open: Local Eats – Discover Prompts, Day 2

There’s a new kid in town. And they ain’t playin’ around.


house-made corn beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing on rye

I have a favorite in my hometown – do you? Only recently opened for business, The Humble Hoagie in Mt. Juliet, TN, is quickly becoming the go to spot for breakfast and lunch…and what’s even better than that? Repeat customers…I’ve been several times myself. What’s so great about it?

It’s not just a sandwich. It’s an experience. Was that corny enough? Seriously…it’s just – well…let me try…

The food is amazing – truly – I’ve tried at least five things on the lunch menu, and one breakfast…and everything is perfect. Everything is fresh, top quality, and just SO GOOD! I’m not an expert food critic, so I’m sorry I can’t give a bite by bite descritpion…I can just tell you it’s REALLY GOOD!

The people are even better. The owners, the staff, the customers…every time I walk in, there’s a familiar face. Some one from town, or someone from church, or someone from my children’s school or community. I won’t even tell you about the time I got REALLY offended when I saw that a dear friend ate there with her boyfriend and didn’t invite me…I mean, the nerve!!! Can you EVEN?? 🤣🤣

Ok, so what’s the point of me writing about a little local restaurant for this prompt? All of over the country, our small businesses and entreprenuers and doing everything they can to stay OPEN.

So, please, do what you can (within YOUR budget and means…) to support them, ok? If you order online, shop your local businesses first. Many are offering curbside pickup and free delivery. If you’re ordering take out, go as ‘local’ as you can…from down the street mom and pops to chains owned by local business folks. This supports your local economy, and trickles out everywhere. Am I saying you SHOULDN’T shop with non-local businesses? No, of course not. My favorite hair gel comes from Georgia, and my favorite skin cream comes from Michigan, my favorite hair accessories come from myself…so go where you love…just don’t forget your roots.

The point is, be sure to consider and visit your local retailers…this directly impacts your local economy, your local schools, your local everything. And, most importantly in these times, this directly impacts local RELATIONSHIPS…which I think we ALL can admit are more important than ever.

I’d love to hear from you:

  1. What are your favorite local eateries? In what city?
  2. How are you connecting with your local community this month?

Much Love,

💜 Cindi

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