Let’s talk about them apples, y’all…

I’m a pretty particular apple person…in fact, I wasn’t really a big fan until recently…probably because I grew up mostly on Red Delicious apples, unless I got one at a restaurant…I did love a good, crisp Granny Smith, though.

My daughter once had an apple tasting day in preschool, and she considers herself an apple connoisseur to this day…

Amazing what this job has taught me. Google, the produce staff, and my coworkers have been AMAZING resources…I know how to find a good substitution if a customer has requested an out of stock, or out of season apple!

What job you say? Yup, I’m one of those…a Shipt Shopper! So, why am I writing to you able apples? Well, because I’ve learned that I LOVE a good Honeycrisp. And so does my family.

Well, let me tell you – I’ve had MANY a bad apple delivered to my house…so many so, that I choose now to purchase MY OWN apples. I take great pride in my apple choosing, and Honeycrisp is not exactly the cheapest variety of eating apples available….so….here are a few #protips for all you shoppers out there….I don’t care what platform you shop for…I hope this little tidbit of information is useful for you…It’s really quite simple….

In the photo below, you will see Honey crisp apples all in their proper place at my local grocery store…with a few exceptions…can you spot the impostors? Read on to find out why I want to know if you can…

Apple Tips to improve YOUR tips…

  • Apples are used for a variety of purposes…eating, baking, salads, applesauce, cleaning, odors, even for horses! if you get the wrong apple, it can really be an issue for your customer.
  • Apples have very different price points, and are often up charged for delivery – please don’t bring me a Gala when I asked for Pink Cripps.
  • Check those little stickers! If you’re not familiar with the size, shape, colors, etc, of apples – just check for that little produce sticker – it will tell what kind of apple you are holding…and make sure you don’t grab the wrong one!

  • Bagged v. Loose apples – many stores offer apples in bags and loose options…usually, the bagged apples are smaller and that’s often why people order them. That’s what they want! Some stores, though, offer smaller and larger loose apples. If you need to make a substitution that might affect the size of the apple your customer has requested, communicate that to them, as well.
  • Bruising – y’all, seriously. Take your time. If you have ANY produce on your order at all, PLEASE take the time to inspect your apples for bad spots and bruising. I know, some people don’t care. But, do you know that? Doubt it. Pick out perfect apples.
  • Can’t get a pretty one? Communicate with your customer…it’s really that simple. ‘The Fuji’s don’t look great today. Would McIntosh apples work for you today?’
  • How did I know to suggest McIntosh? I did a quick and easy painless Google search.
  • Your produce guy is your best friend…they can tell you which apples are out of season. Is your company still offering out of season produce? Send them an email and let them know!

I hope this has been good, helpful information for you! If you need more information about apples, just do a quick google search – there is a WEALTH of information there!

I’d love your feedback on this post, and to know what produce items you need help with!


Who am I that I might know what I’m talking about? No one, special really. I have been a Nashville Shipt Shopper for almost 4 years, and am currently the Metro Lead for the Nashville Metro. My stats read 5.0 across the board, and I have excellent customer feedback. This post is not affiliated with Shipt in any way, just something I decided to share with you.

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