Do You Have a Favorite Mechanic?

I think I’m old enough to give sage advice…or maybe a little bit? I certainly still have plenty of learning and improving to do, but don’t we all?

This is on my mind because Pearl (my new to me car) just had her first tune up and oil change…well, not her first…but the first one I gave her…And I REALLY love this car…it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that.

Well, here goes anyway…my mechanic advice…

  • Don’t settle for the chain with the coupon…my mechanic’s oil change was half the price of the drive in place. Without a coupon.
  • Find a mechanic that you trust with the wad of money you spent on your ride…because we’ve all figured out by now, there’s no such that as a cheap car anymore. Unless you have a rich uncle or something…
  • When you find the one you trust, be honest…about why you’re bringing your car in, about your budget, about how long you need the car to last, about what you can and can’t do right now. It’s kind of like not telling your doctor the whole story. All of the symptoms. All of the bad habits. Yes, these folks are the car maintenance business, but they’re also in customer service. They’re going to tell you all the things…but, if they’re a good one, not pressure you. Don’t be surprised if they’re right. Now, I’m not saying you HAVE to do EVERYTHING on the recommended list…just listen, and consider it. If in doubt, get a second opinion or let it wait…but not too long.
  • If you love your car (or your money), keep up with the maintenance. I know. That’s not easy if money’s tight, or your just out of school, or a single parent, or basically these days…just breathing…but trust me…put a little aside each month to take care of your car. It’s better than a car payment. You can thank me later.
  • If you don’t trust your mechanic, find a new one.
  • Did I say don’t settle for the chain with the coupon? Seriously, we all talk about shopping local, but the local auto shops have EVERYTHING riding on your business. The honest ones have staying power, have great reviews, and most of the people around your area will at least know about them, even if they don’t take them their car. They are careful about who they hire and trust with your car…because it’s their livelihood….
  • Yes, there are bad and shady mechanics everywhere…do your due diligence and make a choice…give them a test run by going in for something simple like an oil change. And, of course, trust your gut.
  • If you trust your mechanic, and he gives you advice on makes and models of used cars to consider, listen to them. Seriously. I finally did, and couldn’t be happier. Could we have spent a little less? Yes. But, guess what? In the long run, we will save SO MUCH money, time, and maintenance. My last car lasted me about 2 years…guess what? My mechanic warned me…My husbands car costs a fortune to maintain because of how it’s built…seriously…like you have to actually take off the front bumper to change the bulb…AutoZone won’t touch that…Guess what? My mechanic warned us…

So, that’s it…just a little sage advice from someone who has been through more cars than she cares to admit…learn from me, don’t be like me.

Does your car have a name? We named mine Pearl because I swore I’d never own a white car again…and her actual factory finish is called ‘Pearl.’ So, I still don’ have a white car…

Have a blessed day, and a safe ride!

💜 Cindi

My favorite mechanic:

Mark’s Automotive…over 1300 reviews, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. That many people don’t take the time to leave good reviews…just sayin’…

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