I’ve waited a long time for this…

Literally, my entire life…I’ve been trying to grow my nails. Yes, I bit them, picked at them, did all those things…do I think that was the problem? NOPE! I do not…

This photo was taken about two weeks ago – and I haven’t managed to break them! I will be filling/redoing them this week. 🙂

I have short nail beds…basically, the part of my nail that hangs over my fingers…it’s long.

I have soft, week nails…that’s a problem…especially if you want them to be long. I’ve tried vitamins, I’ve tried polishes…I could probably list a dozen other things… I finally found something that actually HELPED and WORKED…and, now, I finally have actual fingernails…they’re not ‘long’, but they’re ‘longish’ – and they’re pretty… this is the product I used to get them to what I’ll call an ‘acceptable’ length…

Gena Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment

Now, you can just hop on over and get you some, or you can read on about my nail experience…maybe you can relate?

I can’t remember where I first learned about this – I just remember someone, years ago, that I worked with using this product (or maybe something similar?) and I was in AWE of what it did to her nails…you could literally see the results. This was long before gel nails, and acrylics…basically, our options were press on nails, or glued on tips…not a lot to work with there. Especially for a college student who was not able to pay for regular salon trips…

Fast forward 20 ish somethingish years…I always told myself that if I could get nails to a decent, clean looking length (all basically even, and not pealing and splitting) that I would splurge on a good manicure…

So, I’ve been using this stuff for about a year (NO, it doesn’t take that long…my life is weird, and busy, and I do alot of things that are NOT friendly to nails…). If you use it consistently, I would think you will see a difference in 3-6 weeks. Please, let me know!

When I am consistent about using it, I can tell a difference…how often? Once or twice a day. I kept one jar at home in the bathroom, and one in my purse. So, that made it easy to maintain. As long as I was consistent, it worked. My nails looked great…and they grew – If I was inconsistent for a week or two, the problems would resurface.

This was not a protein deficiency for…I eat plenty of protein…

So, this WORKED…If you’re looking to strengthen your nails and cuticles…you might give this a try! It lasts quite a long time…and – if you don’t love it, just send it me. I’ll use it…

Have a great day, and stay tuned! Over the next week or two, I’ll show what I’m doing now that I actually HAVE nails…

Much Love,


*Disclosure: I have applied for an amazon associates account to support this blog…as of the date of this post, my application is pending and awaiting approval.


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