Five Things Your Shipt Shopper Wants you to understand…

I made this video back in January, and had SO much positive feedback on it, I did another one! Yesterday, someone asked how these videos actually get in front of customers…my reply:

Some might discover it on You Tube, I also have a Blog, Pinterest, etc. otherwise, you’re welcome to share it with them if you feel it would be appropriate or helpful. This video was not made or requested by HQ. 💚 It is, however, posted in the SSL on Facebook.

messybunandgettingdone, YouTube comment….does this REALLY require a citation?

So, in light of this question, I thought I’d share this one here. I’ve already shared the second video in a previous post

If you’re a Shipt Customer, and want to get the best of your membership, you’ll want to hear this:

Five Things Your Shipt Shopper wants you to understand, posted January, 2020

Enjoy, and please let me know if you have ANY questions, or suggestions for topics from the customer side!

Have a blessed day,

💜 Cindi

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