Not being able to work bites.

The American dream is built around hard work and commitment. Work is what we do. It’s how we thrive. It’s how we build our dreams and share our passions.

Is hair your favorite thing? Let’s chat.

Are you ‘at home’ and unable to work with your clients due to social distancing, Stay at Home or Shelter in Place Orders, or other COVID-19 related situations? Maybe you or a family member are at high risk and it’s just better for you to not be with your clients right now? Is hair your favorite thing? Let’s chat…

Open: Local Eats – Discover Prompts, Day 2

Only recently opened for business, The Humble Hoagie in Mt. Juliet, TN, is quickly becoming the go to spot for breakfast and lunch…and what’s even better than that? Repeat customers…I’ve been several times myself. What’s so great about it?