I’m not an inflencer. Never will be…

I have this post in my drafts that I’m still struggling with the wording on…so, I’ll just say this…

I’m not an influencer…I never will be…I’m not that person…if you are, that’s FABULOUS! And I’m so happy for you and hope that you use your influence for good and enjoy all of the perks!

What am I? I’m a wife, a mom, and so many other things…I could go on for HOURS! Here is a little information, with videos, about what I do, AND who I am…when you are finished. If you want to more about this 94% Discount heard round the world, I’d love to chat with you. Seriously, it’s like you found this stuff at the back of the bottom shelf of the grocery store clearance rack…and you find out everything in the pakcage IS BRAND NEW AND STRONGER THAN EVER…and, most importantly, not going anywhere.

Not really feeling up to videos and pictures today, but this is in my head…so, it has to come out somehow…hopefully you find it entertaining and informative…don’t worry…the actual facts will come out when I get finished laughing at myself…

  • You can have a messy bun, like me… Yep, that’s right…you can just get up with yesterday’s bun and join my struggle bus…I put my hair up in a Swerve last night before bed, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay that way until tomorrow morning. Not really feeling my best, so…I’ll get the things done that I have to, stay in my comfy clothes, maybe get some laundry and dishes done…maybe not…
  • Make lunch a priority… No, really…earlier this week, I had a morning meet up planned for my other job, that was amazing…but I was also on the struggle bus that day. One of my dear friends and colleagues didn’t make it. But, you know what? She was free for lunch…so, I said, ‘screw it.’ Ignored the personal to do list and had lunch. Why? Because, ladies…if you haven’t figured this out yet, our friendships MATTER…I have only really and truly learned to appreciate this is last 2-3 years. I haven’t taken the time to just sit with my girls much over the last month…and I say TAKEN the time, because it really is a choice…sometimes, yes, life gets in the way and we are all just too busy. But, it really is about self care and connections. That lunch was so good for both of us. Just relaxing and purging and catching up on life. Don’t take it for granted.
  • Give your kid a bath…Go ahead, laugh…but having the time and energy to actually get my kid clean – I mean like, MAMA CLEAN, is something that is TRULY a struggle for me…It’s great to be able to adjust my focus and energy to my babies because I am not so fatigued by other things…
  • Sneak away… about a month ago, the hubs and I got away for the weekend. We don’t really do date nights and vacations with just us…it just doesn’t fit our world…I won’t bore you with the details of that. But, the bottom line is, we have to be quite deliberate about making time to reconnect. He planned it. I blocked off the weekend. We handled childcare and dog care. Best thing for my marriage. Just what we needed.
  • Go to the doctor. Y’all…I’ve more doctors appointments in the last year than I’ve had in the last 10 years. And you know what? Long overdue. About time I took care of myself and handled the mess that is me. You can’t fill someone’s elses cup when yours is empty, now can you?
  • Sleep in… Now, generally, I’m a morning person…but recent life (read: health and age) developements make me just want to sleep in and be a little lazy sometimes. I can do that now. ‘Nuf said.
  • Catch up on my favorite shows…I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning…since the McDreamy days…and, though I wanted to bow out with his passing, I’m still in…and am ever so thankful for the DVR….
  • Nothing… yup. I said it. Nothing. Just sit and stare into space. Do nothing. Pet your dog. Or not. Walk your dog. Or not. Go have lunch with your kid at school…or make up an excuse why you can’t because it’s absolute torture…

Alright…here’s the real legit facts that you get when joining…Seriously, though. I NEVER in a million years thought I’d be doing something like this…Here’s the secret…find something you REALLY REALLY LOVE…for whatever reason…be it an indulgence, something that changes your life for the better, or a cause that is dear to your heart…Something you can be passionate about and share with CONFIDENCE and honesty. I have a thing for quality. I hate junk. I hate things that don’t last or break, or don’t do the job for which they are intended, or SHOULD be better than they are. You can read in other posts about why I love Lilla Rose so much, but here’s what you get when you join the party:

  • For 7 hours ONLY you can snag the kit for $17.76, plus shipping. Keep the pretties and carry on, or jump on the business opportunity. Whatever works best for you, darlin’!
  • 30-45% commissions, and bonuses.
  • ENDLESS FREE training opportunites…like, more than you could ever complete!
  • FREE replicated web page…no fees for that.
  • Connections and relationships to treasure. I know, they all say that…but it’s true.
  • So many more perks and rewards, I can’t even list them all!
  • Graphics…yep, you don’t have to come up with your own! You can, but you never have to. You see, we are a team, and we all share. Our pictures, our graphics, and our resources.
  • Flexible hours and schedule…work as little as much as you want to. Or don’t. Seriously. Just grab the kit. If that’s what you are doing, just let me know and I will simply congratulate you on your STEAL of purchase.
  • Me. Yep, me. I’ll be right there to assist you, along with my amazing team! Why is that so important? It’s so much fun for me to help YOU be successful. You can hear more about me on YouTube…I’ll put those videos below.
  • Christmas in July Enrollment Sale Starts tomorrow. For 7 hours, it’s $17.76 plus shipping. After that, it’s $76 through 10:00 pm PT (midnight CST) on July 15.
  • Why July?…I want to tell you a little secret…my July last year was AMAZING! Seriously. And then, if you WANT to work the biz, you are prepared for November because you know what the heck is going on. Seriously. I started right before Black Friday in 2018, and I was so overwhelmed – had it not been for such amazing leaders and a supportive team, I’d have been completely lost and likely given up. And I include our Home Office in that team.
  • THE BEST HAIR ACCESSORIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I’m not even kidding. They’re awesome. I could go on for hours. I’m not in the practice of recommending products I don’t like…and I try to help my customers carefully select the right items/styles to suit their hair and needs.

That kit?
It’s on a mega-crazy-have-they-lost-their-minds? sale on Friday, July 3rd 2020. For only $17.76 they’re letting $300 worth of product and a chance to change your life be available. That’s a 94% Discount. That’s utterly insane.

Only from 12 pm PST to 7pm PST. July 3, 2020.

After all that 2020 has been, this is an incredible opportunity with zero risk. There’s no catch here. Nothing to pay back. You can take the kit and forget it happened. Or you can take a chance and let this thing change your world.

Here are links to all of the information and the videos. Literally, that one link gives you everything you need. If you need more, I’m here! I’ve included DIRECTLY below my ‘WHY’ story that tells why this works so well for me. I have been absolutely AMAZED at the love and support of my customers and friends this year. (if you are a current customer and/or personal friend, YES, I’m talking about YOU EVEN IF you have not made a purchase! You mean THE WORLD to me!) It is truly and incredible journey.

See, that’s what makes Lilla Rose different. They don’t push, don’t pressure, don’t scam. They’re the indie company of direct sales and they care most of all about others and cultivating a servant heart.

If you’re interested, reach out. You can sign up here:

Thanks for reading and visiting! If you have ANY questions about this opportunity, please reach out to me: bit.ly/contactmessybun . There is a place for notes where you can add all of your questions!

Not interested in the opportunity? There are also amazing styles for you shop for your gorgeous hair!

Much love, and as always, MANY blessings. I hope that July finds you well!

💜 Cindi

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