Blogging is hard…

Having a background in education, I am EXTREMELY picky about what I put in print…and yet, I can make videos for days and not stress at all over grammatical errors…and the only typos are in descriptions or titles…easily corrected!

So, though I’ll always come back here, I’m adding a playlist to my YouTube Channel called “Messy Bun Mornings.” Just a little good morning and whatever happens to be on my mind for the day. I hope that you find it encouraging, and perhaps, at times, entertaining….we shall see where it lands us!

Find the Playlist Here:

You can also find on my channel a List of Educational Video for Shipt Shoppers and information about Lilla Rose Hair Accessories. Over time, I’ll also be adding more Curly Hair topics…but don’t quite yet feel qualified to add those! I do hope you enjoy the topic, or topics, that relate best to you!

Coming soon to the blog (that’s where you are now), a recap of my Lifetime of Thanksgiving Journey so far…and how that has changed my outlook! Stay tuned!

Many blessings,


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