You mean me?

Yes, that’s exactly who I mean. You.

My take away from a sermon on, and rereading of, Luke 10. The full sermon covered verses 1-23. I am going to camp out on verses 1-12 today.

Ever hear the phrase about putting someone on a pedestal? I’ve been on that pedestal. People expected me to be perfect, and do no wrong. Guess what happens you’re put on that pedestal? You tend to slip and fall off. Because you’re only human. And we make human mistakes and do human things. Mine weren’t really major, or even very interesting…unless you were those people that they absolutely SHOOK to the core, simply because they came from me.

Does that mean God can’t use us? It’s sure easy to believe that and just sit in our little lump on the floor and let the world go by…I mean, if you get up and try again, you’re going to fall off again, right?

Think again…

Which stories are the most impactful? The most meaningful? The most inspiring? Are they of the girl that lived a perfect life with no major trauma or errs in judgement? The one that seemed to live a charmed life and always went to church and had an incredible amount of faith, spent lots of time praying.

Nope. It’s generally the more dramatic stories that inspire people to change and to seek Jesus.

You know the truth without me saying it, don’t you? No one is ‘THAT’ perfect. Everyone has crap. Everyone has a load to bear. It may not be a big, big story…but it’s a story nonetheless. One of overcoming, or not. One of getting up after falling…or choosing to stay down. One of failing, or one of triumph. It may be big, it may be small…but it’s a story, nonetheless. And we all have one.

My major take away, and what I already knew, but isn’t it nice to be reminded? God will use each and every one of us. The points in bold are those made by my pastor. The thoughts following are mine, with the exception of course of any scripture quoted.

  • Don’t wait to be equipped. (v4 ‘Carry no moneybag, no knapsack no sandals, and greet no one on the road.) Every feel like you’re not ready to share the Gospel? Like you don’t know enough? Didn’t memorize enough Bible verses? Didn’t go to Sunday School (or, now, Life Group/Community Group/etc) enough? Didn’t grow up in church or attend seminary? Oh, sweetheart. I assure you…Jesus uses the ill equipped as much as, and sometimes more than, the most learned Bible Scholar. All you need is the love of God in your heart and soul…and the willingness to let him take over your life and words.

Don’t waste your blessing. (v6-8 ‘And if a son of peace is there, your peace will rest upon him. But, if not, it will return to you. And remain in the same house, eating and drinking what they provide, for the laborer deserves his wages. Do not go from house to house. Whenever you enter a town and they receive you, eat what is set before you.) Oh, I could go so many directions here…let’s see if I can be brief…you know the saying, “Get what you get, and don’t throw a fit”? My children are very familiar with this one. It’s so easy to want something more than what we have…what we have been offered. What God has set before us. But what if…what if…we just STOP and be content with the amazing blessings that we have and USE THOSE for not only our own Joy, but to bless those around us?

Get what you get and don't throw a fit. 
Logo: Messy Bun Mafia. Protect this hair, I will.
  • Don’t sit on the throne. Hey, guess what? This is not about you. So, go ahead and jump off that pedestal. Don’t put yourself up there, and don’t let anyone else put you up there. God is on that throne, not you.
  • Don’t forget your salvation. I’m not sure I can really pinpoint a particular verse for this one – kind of goes with the entire passage. When things are hard, when you are challenged or rejected, or unwelcome, and also when things are NOT hard…when you are welcome with open arms..remember that you are a child of the King…keep that crown straight, and march on. You may be the only Bible someone ever reads.
  • Don’t live a thankless life. Kind of sums the whole thing up…again without pinpointing a particular verse. Recognize your blessings, and your savior. And be thankful for each and every thing. Every. Thing.

I could go off on so many tangents here…trying to stay on topic is TOUGH! I’m going to wrap up, though, with this:

When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control your response. That's where your power is.
Logo: Messy bun mafia. Protect this hair I will.

I don’t care how many pedestals you’ve fallen off of. I don’t care how many mistakes you’ve made. I don’t care how imperfect you think you are. Satan and his lies don’t get to win this. You have power. Not control. Regardless of where you are in your walk with Jesus, regardless of your scriptural knowledge, regardless of your position in life. You, darling reader, can change a life. Can share love. Can make a difference. Can be the light. Can do ALL of the things.

Notes from pastor:

  1. Don’t put in a box what God is telling you to do.
  2. Don’t believe the lie.
  3. Jesus uses the ill-equipped.
  4. Don’t wait to be equipped. Just go.

Love your thoughts on this topic!

Much love and may blessings,


💜 Cindi

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