Because I can’t any more, Week 2 Update

Well, I have managed to not keep a good journal for this past week! So, I’ll see if I can do better for you next week. Or, let me know if you prefer this little summary version!

In case you missed the original post, the journey starts here.

All postitive changes still intact – energy, focus, motivation, all of those things. The swelling I mentioned last week hasn’t happened again, and I am attributing that to not drinking enough water and too many salty foods…

I did have a couple of bad days, one a migraine that lasted all day. That’s not unusual for me…and one just total crash day. I have been very tired lately, as there doesn’t really seem to be a day off in my world. That’s all good…but honestly, I’m looking forward to things getting a little more ‘normal’, things opening up, and being able to get a little more actual alone time at home to rest and refresh. My son has had basketball, and we’ve had dental and other appointments and necessary outings.

As far as the new supplements go, there is one that I’m taking still 1-2 times a day, one at bedtime, those are great – the third…I upped that dosage a little and quickly went back down to one a day (max is 4 a day). I think I’ll end up with 2 a day, but not for a while…still navigating this!

I have been less afraid to make commitments. Something many people don’t understand about fibromyalgia is that even committing to making a needed appointment or making a phone call can be overwhelming and excruciating. That is getting less scary.

I’m less drained at the end of the day, I’m sleeping less (like a more ‘normal’ sleep pattern), fewer naps, etc. I did take an incredible, gloriously long Sunday nap, though…it was fabulous. I’m waking up refreshed rather than foggy and groggy.

I did my prescribed physical therapy exercises twice this week, and hope to begin regular long walks next week. Just trying not to over do things, thinking that I can do more than I can.

All in all, very pleased and optimistic. This might be rather boring – but I’m seeing nothing but great things!

The biggest ‘problem’ is that my family seems to be feeding off me feeling better…and they think I just want to do things and chat constantly and can handle more…and that gets a little overwhelming sometimes. But, we will find a balance. I am certainly enjoying life and my family so much more!

I’ll post another update next week!

What’s going on with you? How are you feeling? And are you drinking enough water?

Much Love and Many Blessings,


💜 Cindi

*I think it goes without saying: I am not a health expert or physician. I am simply sharing my story. Any information, methods, practices, treatments, thoughts, etc share here are my own personal experiences and SHOULD NOT be taken as medical advice. Again, I am simply sharing my story.


  1. Smiles. I loved the last picture you shared most. That was a look of “yeah I did it”. 😊
    Keep it up. I believe the coming week will be better. The idea is to keep doing it. One day you will get there.
    Blessings. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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