Anyone else need a mindless hair break?

Well, I’ve got you covered, darlin! Here’s my attempt at a French Braid tutorial…I certainly hope you find it helpful. I’m always suprised to find out how many people don’t know how to do it. It is one of my go to summer styles to keep my hair back, and off my neck. How often do you braid you hair?

I actually taught myself on a Barbie doll…how did you learn, or is this not something you have mastered? I’d love to know!

Much Love, and many blessings.


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  1. My hair is thicker than it looks so I don’t french braid (my arms get tired!) but I like regular braids. But I’m not great at either to be honest. I rock the ponytail a lot 😉 I enjoyed the video.

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  2. I’ve always favored this braid!!

    Never mastered! If it can’t be done with a blow dryer, curling iron or curlers, I can’t do it!!

    It’s awesome that it comes so naturally for you!



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