😃😃 How to Use Emoji’s on your Computer…from your keyboard…WHAT??!! 👍👍

I just can’t keep this one to myself, y’all… I discovered this little feature this week – I can’t remember how – I probably googled it … or maybe it was a pop up tip? I dunno – anyway, it’s a game changer…

I do A LOT of typing – and I actually know how to type…I’m one of those old people you hear about that actually took TYPING CLASS in high school – in a room full of wait for it…TYPEWRITERS…yup…

So, Needless to say, I get a little tired of trying to always type things on my phone, but also very annoyed at trying to figure out how get an emoji into some text – I’m sure all of you young people already know this trick…and you’re likely not even reading this…that’s ok…I’m here to share it with those that DON’T know! Because, so far, everyone that I have told this trick to in person has been seriously….like WHAT?


So, without further ado…here it is….

Click that Window button on your keyoard – you know, the one that looks like a window? It’s likely right by your space bar…to the left of the [ALT] Key…now, hold that down and tap the [.] (that’s a period…really simple) and then POOF…like MAGIC…there it is – a little pop up emoji screen menu that looks like this:

Is that not just the greatest thing EVER?


You can then select your emoji from those visible, or select a category from the menu at the bottom…they’re pretty self explanatory…traditional emoji faces, people, food, etc…here are a few 📸 from the menu options….you can even choose a skin tone, just like you do on your 📲!

AND – you 👀 where it says Keep typing to find an emoji?

Here’s what happens when you do that…let’s say you want the 🍕 emoji…

If you type P, too many choices…pi…narrows it down…but then piz…there it is…you don’t have to search and scroll and all the things…just click on that little 🍕 slice and poof, there it is…

And, there you have it! Problem solved! Less 📱 typing, more 💻typing…I hope this makes you as happy as it does me! Try it out, and drop me your favorite emoji in the comments, and have a FABULOUS day!

Much 💜 , and many Blessings,



  1. I guess I’m old too because we had typing class in the 9th grade. There were real typewriters in the room. 😂😂 I’m thankful we actually learned how to type. Great post!


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