If you write it, you will do it…

That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway…and I’m hoping you will all enjoy this little journey with me.  It’s a New Year, and our little home has had so many changes over the last year, it’s time to freshen things up a bit.  Let’s start by sharing some of those changes…and, please, hang with me for a bit – there are some plot twists here…

First, I have semi-retired from my “day job.”   For the last fifteen years or so, I have had the pleasure of sharing with the world a wonderful reading program called Beacon Literacy.  It’s a truly amazing program, and I have had the oppornity to work with some incredible and dedicated educators, some fantastic children that will forever have a piece of my heart, and watch all of these people take and run with this program and change thousands of lives in the process.  So, why, then, would anyone want to walk from that?  Well, the trouble is, when you work with students, most of that work comes after school hours and that means time away from your own children after school…and, well, with three of my own, that just wasn’t working for me.  Nothing wrong with a working mom- don’t get me wrong – it just didn’t work for my family.  With my husband’s schedule being what it is, that left lots of days where I needed a sitter, or had to drag my kids along with me or threaten them within an inch of their lives bribe them to be quiet for the hour or two that I needed to properly attend the student or tutor I might be working with.

And, so, after lots of prayer, deliberation, conversations, planning, etc…we decided it was time to walk away.  For those of you reading this that know me, you should know that I will never truly be able to completely walk away.  The web page, the facebook page, the tutors, the colleagues still using the program – all of those will remain intact.  I even still answer phone calls, offer support, etc.  So, if you need us, we’ll always be here.

During those years with Beacon, I was introduced to the Irlen Method – and that’s another long story that we won’t go into today and something else I will always do. I will add some links at the bottom of this post so that you can find out more about Beacon and Irlen should  you be so inclined.

Ok, now let’s get a little more personal.  We got a new dog.  A friend was moving, and unable to keep her…so we were MORE than happy to add her to the family.  We now have two chocolate labs…and they are awesome, and a pain in the neck, and active, and so precious.

AND we are…how do we say this?…”borrowing” a couple more kids for I don’t really know how long!  These boys have grown our family from from 5 to 7.  Yep.  Seven people.  And all the laundry and activity and food and excitement and sorrow and fun that come with each and every one of them.  So, yes, we are very busy, busy, busy.  This change is only temporary…but how long tempory is remains to be seen.  So, we have five children in the house – four of school age.  Four with homework. And extracurricular activities.  And a need for shoes, clothes, stuff, support, etc.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  But, it’s awesome, and such a  tremendous blessing to us.

So, let’s get down to the sewing stuff…cause that’s why you are really here, right?  I think I already said somewhere on some other post that the reason I began to sew is because I, well, had a daughter.  And it’s incredibly fun to buy pretty things for her…but it can get pricey…so it’s really a bit more economical to make things…you also have so many more options…tons, and tons of options.  Limitless.options. OH MY.  So much to make, so little time.

Folks that know me know I’m extremely thrifty, and love to repurpose things, find deals, etc…so the problem is that can get a little addicting…and now I’m a little overwhelmed with the amount of projects I have piled up.  Maybe soon I’ll get brave and show you some pictures of just how bad my problem is. MAYBE.  The issue is…I like to sew with sheets, or repurpose other clothing/items/etc…and those things are so readily available…and it’s.so.hard.to.leave.something.fabulous.behind. SO HARD.  And then, something else happens… your friends and family find out what you are up to…and they bring you things.  Beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic things that you just KNOW you create something amazing with.  And, before you know it, your husbands “workshop” has been overtaken with sheets, fabrics, linens, clothes, trims, threads, notions, and various and sundry other fabulous items…and someday…someday…you’re going to actually have time to make something…and, sometimes, you do.  And sometimes people ask you make to make things or fix things or bring you sewing “work” that may be fun and awesome and creative, or may just that…work…that puts a little extra money in your pocket or helps support your addiction to all things fabulous.

So…here’s the plan – the idea…and I hope you will join me on this journey…It’s time to get it all done…to clear out the stash…to take the room back…to accomplish all of those fantastic projects…I am going to take the next year and not  do my best to not purchase any additional fabric or things to sew with.  That doesn’t include notions, thread, trim needed to finish a project…just for record…just no new items for new unthought of projects.  And, really, it may take longer than that.  There’s just that much stuff. Really, there is.  I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but there it is.

The plan:

Every week for 2014…I will complete a project…finish something….clear something out…  If that is for someone in my family – it will be ready for them, and not waiting for one last hem, button, etc…If that is to sell, it will be listed for sale or placed in an appropriate place to wait for the right season (holiday items, etc.). If it’s the wrong season, it will be shared at least here, and possibly on FB as well.

Each week, as well, I will complete a mending project.  We won’t even talk about that.  No one likes mending. No one. Does that mean I won’t do your mending for your or help you with it? No, of course not.  But let’s not lie – it’s a chore – that’s all.

At the end of each month, or maybe every two months or so, or maybe we’ll just wait until the end of the year…I dunno…this is a hard for me…we’ll CLEAR IT ALL OUT and start over.  Give it away, sell it, whatever…we’ll see what left.  Maybe I can even make some scrap packs or something.

So, help me out a bit, ya’ll!  Let me know what you think of things as they come, what you’d like to see me do…and I’ll keep sharing. I may even share with you the fabric choices for the next week’s project and let you come up with something fabulous.  There will be dresses, rest mat covers, skirts, little scrap round up projects, blankets, nursery items, totes, etc., and I would love your input!

This week, I have some of that boring “work” to complete, and a dress to hem to complete an order.  Next week, I’ll be working on a skirt for myself and hopefully something I’ve been trying to get finished up for a friend.  I do hope you’ll follow and enjoy the journey!

Those links to see other things:

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The Beacon Literacy Facebook Page

The Beacon Literacy Web Page

My Irlen Facebook Page

The Irlen Institute Facebook Page

The Irlen Institute Web Page


  1. Well, I almost did it all in a week! Got the 2 orders out, and ALMOST finished the skirt. Ended up with a second order to finish. SO – hopefully will be finishing up the skirt TODAY and getting the next post up! It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to share it!


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