BBF’s – Best Baseball Friends…

BBF's - Best Baseball Friends...

These two have been hanging out at the ball park together for 2-3 years now…so now they have matching shirts to support the team…
These were super easy! Don’t be scared!
Get some Wonder Under fusible Interfacing. Cut out your letter. Here, I did one P larger than the other and stacked them.
Iron the fabric onto the interfacing of the smaller letter, then cut it out (you are going to trace a mirror image of you letter onto the backing of the interfacing – easy, easy). Do the same with the smaller letter.
Then, peel the backing off the smaller letter, place on the larger letter…iron on.
Now – the fun part. Peel the backing off the larger letter, and iron onto your shirt!
I do a quick straight stitch around the border to hold it on, you can do a prettier applique/embroidery stitch if you’d like!

Pirate shirt


Don’t judge me. I know it’s not perfect. There are only 8 games in our Fall Ball season.  So, yea. We just get ‘er done.

Added a little ruffle to the bottom of Molly’s t-shirt – how to do a ruffle – pretty easy – do a quick google search. Lots of ways – I like sewing 2 loose straight stitches…just easier to work with!

Have fun with it!

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